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Monday, November 13, 2017

Blog Bat Around: Super Awesome Bacon!

2010 Archie McPhee #37

Seriously.  If I had to list my favorite things to eat, bacon would be right up there with rib-eye, fried rice, watermelon, saimin, and twice baked potatoes.

But my Archie McPhee bacon rookie card was purely used as clickbait.  Today's post is obviously in response to the current Blog Bat Around inspired by Collecting Cutch, which is to connect one of our favorite players to Kevin Bacon.

Laziness delayed my response, but last night I read Night Owl's submission which got me wondering if Rickey Henderson ever made a cameo in a movie.  I couldn't find his name listed in any movies on IMDB, but I saw his name listed in a music video.

And so the journey begins...

1st Degree: Rickey Henderson

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Autographs #GQA-RH

Rickey Henderson made a cameo in MC Hammer's music video 2 Legit 2 Quit with David Faustino.  I really could not stand this song back in the day, so it doesn't surprise me that I didn't know Rickey was in this video.

I did however watch it last night in its entirety... and was kinda impressed with all of the different athletes who made cameos in it.  Due to copyright issues, I wasn't able to embed the video, but here are screenshots of Rickey and David:

2nd Degree:  David Faustino

COMC Image

Faustino was in 12 Bucks (1998) with Ming-Na Wen.

I've never heard of this movie.  But seeing a younger Wen might be worth checking out.  Sadly, I couldn't find this movie online anywhere and I'm not curious enough to dish out $14.85 on Amazon.

3rd Degree:  Ming-Na Wen

 2015 Rittenhouse Agents of Shield Season 2 Costumes #CC3

Wen was in The Darkness (2016) with Kevin Bacon.

This is another movie I had never heard of, but I did manage to find it on HBO.  I watched the trailer, but couldn't get into it and ended up watching part of The Lego Batman Movie instead.  Maybe I'll give Bacon and Wen a chance over Thanksgiving break, but it's more likely I'll go back and watch Mystic River (2003) or Apollo 13 (1995).  These are my two favorite Kevin Bacon movies.  I also enjoyed watching him in The Following (2013-2015), which was a television series I saw on Netflix.  All three are worth re-watching again at some point.

Well that's it for now.  Until my next post...

What's your favorite Kevin Bacon movie or television show?

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Haven't seen many Kevin Bacon movies and the ones I've seen didn't do much for me (A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, She's Having a Baby). I saw Diner a long time ago but can't remember much about it except I liked it then. I'd have to go with Animal House!

  2. My favorite Bacon movie was Animal House. Got the cards too, thanks!

  3. Gotta go with A Few Good Men.

    I've got a couple more Bacon trains to post later, but I've been slacking lately, so I've gotta shore up some more card related stuff before that.

  4. Footloose!!!! How can you not love that movie? Hahahaha!

    Apollo 13 is pretty good too though.

    Thanks for playing the Six Degrees of Bacon. I'm glad everyone is having fun with those posts. I'm really enjoying reading them.

  5. night owl & cynicalbuddha - i've heard lots of great things about animal house. i'm pretty sure i saw it back in the day, but i don't really remember it

    matt - i think i saw tremors in the theaters. but like animal house, i don't remember anything about tit.

    gca - another movie i'm pretty sure i've seen... but don't remember if i liked it or not.

    collecting cutch - i liked footloose as a kid. had the soundtrack back in the day. nothin' like a little kenny loggins. thanks for getting the ball rollin'