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Monday, November 6, 2017

Guilt Is An Excellent Motivator

I'm not sure if I should be more thankful or apologetic to all of the bloggers and collectors out there who have been patiently waiting on a care package from me, so I'll go ahead and do both.

Thank you to all of you who have sent care packages to me throughout 2017. I'm sure many of you had given up hope of ever receiving anything in return and I personally don't blame you.  I wish I had a good excuse, but there really isn't one.

Sure... I ran into busy times, but I also had three weeks off during the summer.  I'd start putting together some packages and order some things off of COMC, then completely get distracted or lose motivation.

I became the kid who keeps pushing off their homework assignments until there's so many piled up that he feels overwhelmed and completely gives up

Eventually guilt was my biggest source of motivation, so about three weeks ago I forced myself to hammer out these packages.  When I was finished there were a total of 27 packages that were shipped out this afternoon:

Here are a list of zip codes I sent packages to:

50131, 45067, 76063, 99518, 05866, 07701, 26505, 80020, 07066, 85338, 79424, 35750, 07044, 10707, 55129, 35816, 97213, 33323, 77530, 48005, 60586, 83651, 77066, 93065, 44256, 48105, 66223

I have a package built for Kin (I Feel Like A Collector Again), but I need a mailing address.  So if you're reading this, shoot me an email and I'll get it shipped out hopefully by Christmas.

I'm also putting together a package for Woody over at CCW, but he knows that all of my Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics stuff will be headed his way.  It's just a matter of picking up some things for him.

If for some reason I missed anyone and I owe you a care package, shoot me an email and I'll put one together.  I went through all of my thank you posts and compiled a list, but there's a chance I missed someone.

Anyways... bottom line is that I'm sorry for keeping so many of you waiting.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Wow, I thought I had a lot when I sent out a dozen packages not long ago.

  2. I really need to sit down and do that. Also one I need to send your way

  3. That's incredible and it must've taken a long time! Thanks, Fuji.

  4. jbf - lol. gotta a little backed up.

    adam k - de nada

    corky - i don't recommend trying this at home. btw... i received a big box from you. gonna kick off my thanksgiving break with it tomorrow afternoon.

    julie - my oh my what a wonderful day

    sport card collectors - no rush. it'll probably be another year before i send out my next round ;)

    tlc - it was a work in progress. thank goodness for netflix. that kept me company while putting together some of these.