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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly #2: 2008 UD Masterpieces FB Case

My package from DA Cardworld arrived on Monday... so I've been busting packs over the past two days. The main thing I purchased was a case of 2008 UD Masterpieces football. I've always liked this product... and after watching The Retro-Set Addict bust a couple of boxes, I was sold.

Overall... I was pleased with what I pulled. I guess I'll start with...

The Good

Captured On Canvas jersey cards

I pulled some decent jersey cards including my three favorite ones... an event-worn Chris Johnson, a two-color Rashard Mendenhall, and my first jersey card of future HOFer... Tom Brady. The rest was average at best... so I won't waste your time on anymore of these.

Captured On Canvas patch variation #'d 01/50

I'm not a huge fan of Chad Johnson... but love this card for two reasons. It has a sweet patch... and I love the fact that it's the #1 card in the serial numbering.

Stroke of Genius autographed cards

I was pretty happy to pull autographs of three of the top running backs from the 2008 NFL Draft. The Stroke of Genius set is one of my favorite things about this product, because of the design and the fact that they feature on-card signatures.

Stroke of Genius SP autographed card

This was definitely my favorite card in the case. I'm a huge fan of Manning... and have a couple of his autographs. But this is my favorite. The design is flawless... of course that's just my humble opinion.

Now that we have the nice cards out of the way... let's have a look at:

The Bad

08 UD Masterpieces #98 Tarkenton/Peterson SP

Okay... before I busted the case... I accepted the fact that was going to pull a lot of jersey cards and autographs from scrub players. It's the risk you take when you're busting wax. But... it's pretty disappointing when you don't received the number of hits you expected.

The box says that you'll receive (on average) two memorabilia cards and one autograph per box. I also noticed from a couple of online dealers that you should pull a minimum of two patch cards per box. I only pulled one.

Another thing that bugged me... is the fact that I couldn't complete the SP set, which has a total of 19 cards. I pulled 47 short prints and still came up one card sort. Hopefully I can pick this up in a trade... or find one at a reasonable price on COMC.

But that isn't the worst part of this case break. The worst part is right here... at...

& The Ugly

Joe Montana Stroke of Genius expired redemption card

This almost ruin the whole break for me... since it came out of the third pack in my first box. Redemption cards suck... but they suck more when they're expired. I understood the risk when I purchased the case... and it was the only redemption card in the whole case... but damn... why did it have to be Joe?

I called Upper Deck today and they told me to send the card in and they'd see what they could do. Their customer service response was actually a pleasant surprise, since their website says they will not accept expired redemption cards. So... I guess only time will tell.

So that's it... that's my case break. I've decided to build the black border (not serial numbered) parallel set... but I'm still debating on whether or not to take on the Captured on Canvas set.

Well... I'm tired. I've been sorting cards for too long... and I'm beat. I'll post my UD Masterpieces wantlist tomorrow... along with what I have for tradebait.

Goodnight everyone. Sayonara!


  1. That sucks about the redemption, but you still got some nice cards out of it. I mean, any time you can pull a Tom Brady jersey, you have to be stoked. Or is that just me?

  2. I'll give you cash for the patches you pulled and the numbered parallels but you probably already knew that.

  3. Yes, patches are two per case, or should be. Also that Montana is freakin rare as hell. I was told today by UD that they will hook people up when the redemption is less than 1 year past its date.

  4. Damn, I totally feel your pain on this one given that I just pulled an expired Griffey auto redemption. The good news is that Upper Deck is supposedly honoring redemption cards with a 2010 expiration date. You most likely won't get the card listed, but you should get something of equal value.

    Peyton and Montana is an amazing case. Heck, even with just the Manning it's pretty sweet. How did you do on the numbered parallels? Did you get a bunch of the same player? Same cases have been terrible for that.

    Congrats on what looks like a great break and good luck with Upper Deck's customer "service."

  5. Despite the redemption, that's a pretty sweet break. An on-card Manning auto is pretty sweet. Plus those other auto's aren't too shabby either. Nice work!!!

    You guys with these Masterpieces football and baseball breaks!!! I'm getting jealous.

    I hope UD sends you something cool!!!

  6. P.S. that is one of my favorite all-time movies. Nice movie reference!!!

  7. Wow, Fuji went all out and bought the case! Awesome. I'm still out in the cold in the case busting club. But I'll get there.

    Really nice stuff. I love it.

    And for the Montana, you shouldn't get a run around too badly I'd hope - don't they still make football? Or did they lose that too?

    If they job you on a Montana auto, it'd be an unforgivable transgression.

    But either way, congrats on pulling some great stuff there.

  8. tj - no doubt... it's my first brady jersey card... and i was excited when i pulled it.

    stusigpi - let me gather everything up and i'll email you. by the way... do you have any masterpieces for trade? i'd prefer to trade... instead of sell.

    i'm bummed on the missing patch, but whatever... it is what it is. and yeah... i've heard from a couple of people that at the minimum i'll receive some kind of replacement card... hopefully it's at least somewhere in the montana range.

    offy - i'm hoping ud is nice to me on the redemption... and i was glad to hear that they'll be honoring the redemption cards with a 2010 expiration date.

    i actually got a variety of parallels... mixture of colors... mixture of players. unfortunately... i didn't pull many packers.

    charles - the manning is definitely my favorite card...

    top 5 quarterback + on card auto = awesome!

    g moses - ud produces football... but i don't think they have an nfl license. yeah overall... i was happy with the case (as long as i get something decent for the montana).