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Friday, March 18, 2011

Domo Arigato: The Daily Dimwit

A couple of weeks ago...
The Daily Dimwit ran a contest for a $35 gift code to one of his sponsors CSNStores. As luck would have it... my name wound up at the top of the list when he randomized everyone's names.

He immediately emailed me the gift code, so I could start my shopping spree. I headed over to www.csnstores.com and started browsing. At first I was looking in the sales & promotions area looking for a deal on something for my office. When I didn't see anything I really needed or wanted... I headed into the toy section. I might be old... but I'm still a huge fan of action figures. This led me to typing in "Star Wars" into their search engine... which showed me a Ray Park autographed Darth Maul photo (authenticated by Steiner Sports), which eventually took me to this:

Can you figure out who it is? Well... if you guessed Ryan Miller... then you win a nice pat on the back. I've been a huge fan of his ever since I watched his performance in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Miller helped the United States win the silver medal in the games with his amazing play in goal. His 5-0-1 record, .946 save percentage, and 1.35 GAA earned him the MVP award for the tournament.

I typically don't follow players who don't represent the San Jose Sharks logo... but I've made an exception for Mr. Miller. He represents something bigger than the Sharks... he represents our country.

This weekend, I'm going to head down to my local Michaels and pick up a black frame, so I can hang this bad boy up in my office. I'm very thankful to The Daily Dimwit, because I've been wanting to pick up an autographed photo of Ryan Miller for awhile now, but I've been waiting for the right deal from Steiner. Unless I obtain an autograph in person or out of a pack, I try to only pick up autographs certified by UDA or Steiner.

Typically this photo sells for $59.99 (w/0 shipping) at steinersports.com and at cnsstores, but with the $35 store credit, I was able to grab this for $24.99 (+ $10 shipping).

So a big "thank you" shoutout goes to The Daily Dimwit. Your contest is much appreciated and has added a beautiful autographed 8x10 to my Ryan Miller PC. His blog is much more popular than mine, but I encourage all of my readers who haven't checked him out... to head over to his blog where you'll find posts ranging from Ebay winnings to interesting YouTube videos to box breaks.

Domo Arigato Daily Dimwit! Have a great weekend everyone... and until tomorrow (or Sunday)... sayonara!


  1. That is a SWEEEEEET photo and auto to go with it! Glad you were able to get something that nice with the contest winnings! Thanks for reading and congrats again!

  2. Fantastic
    Yet another great read

  3. Awesome picture. Very nice addition to the collection.

  4. Thanks guys... I actually wanted the triple exposure photo of Miller... but it's no biggie... I like this picture too.