30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog Trade #10: The Lost Collector

Last Tuesday... I came across this blog post over at The Lost Collector. Right away I knew I could use the Trevor Cahill manufactured patch and his Dale Murphy jersey card. So... I left him a comment with a link to my Yankee trade bait... and he contacted me immediately. By the end of the day, we worked out a trade that would benefit both of our PC's. Another awesome trade!

The first card will be going straight into my Oakland A's PC:

2011 Topps Commemorative Patch

The other card I wanted will also be going into my collection. It's the second piece of my Dale Murphy Trifecta. Now all I need is his 1977 Topps rookie card.

My favorite thing about the card is actually the back (I apologize for not scanning it... before I tucked it away). Upper Deck did a great job of writing up a great certificate of authenticity. It stated something like this: "On the front of this card is an authentic piece of a jersey worn by Dale Murphy in an official Braves game". I wish manufacturers would go back to being this descriptive.

The Lost Collector also threw in a bunch of cards for my students and a couple of bonuses for me as well:

The Johjima insert will fit nicely into my Japanese PC... and the Ed Reed base card is one that I didn't have yet. So thanks... I appreciate both of them.

Plus he sent me some Giants, 49ers, and Raiders cards for my students. I'll bring them in on Monday and hand them out. They'll love it.

Thanks again for the trade. I look forward to trading with you again in the future.

If any of my readers have extra Yankees for trade, I suggest you head over to The Lost Collector and see if you can work something out with him. You won't regret it.

Happy Sunday everyone... Sayonara!


  1. Glad you got everything! Looking forward to trading in the future!

  2. No doubt... thanks again for the great trade!