30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, May 18, 2020

Spreading Happiness and Sunshine

Plain white envelopes seem to be a blogger's new best friend.  They're being shipped around our blogosphere spreading happiness and sunshine with them.

Last week, I received another one from Rod (Padrographs).  I haven't been keeping track, but I'd guess that this is my fifth or sixth PWE since our governor signed the shelter in place order.  And I've gotta say, they've really helped get me through this situation, because like a post card or greeting card, it's a simple reminder that someone is thinking of us.

He targeted three different collections this time around.  First up is my "all things Japanese" collection...

2009 UD Philadelphia National Chicle #NC48

When I was a kid, my parents talked about taking a trip to Japan and the number one thing I wanted to do is take a ride on the Bullet Train.  It's looking less and less likely that I'll ever make it across the Pacific, but I'm glad that my mom and dad were able to go there a few times.

Moving along, here are a pair of Keston Hiura rookie cards...

2019 Topps Archives #53
2019 Heritage High Number #512

This kid had a great rookie season and I look forward to collecting more of his cardboard.  I didn't open up any packs of these products last year, so it was nice being able to add these to my Japanese baseball players binder.

This Ichiro was new to my collection as well...

2019 Topps Opening Day 150 Years of Fun #YOF-21

Damn.  I miss watching this guy put the ball into play.

Rod is my exclusive contributor of 2019 Topps Total cards...

2019 Topps Total #519

I have mixed opinions on the way Topps handles the distribution of this product, which is why I haven't purchased any.  However I do like the large checklist and the simple, yet attractive card design.  

In addition to 2019 Topps Total cards, Rod is also my primary donor when it comes to SI for Kids trading cards:

These four are from 2001.  That photograph of Byrnes getting some air is fantastic.  That's one of the best looking SI for Kids cards I've ever seen.

Thank you Rod for another thoughtful PWE.  It definitely brought a smile to my face over the weekend.

He wasn't the only person to send me a care package last week.  Speigel83 who retired from blogging (Nomo's Sushi Platter) back in 2013 sent me a flat rate box filled with goodies:

I haven't had the chance to sit down and open up all fo these team bags, but it gives me something to look forward to in between classes this week.  Okay... I've gotta get ready for my weekly staff meeting.  I'll have the highlights from this care package sorted, scanned, and summarized by early next week.

By the way... I should have all of the Mystery Bag PWE's shipped out by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.  Hopefully they'll bring a little happiness and sunshine into your collections.

Until then...

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Sweet Shinkansen card! If I ever travel to Japan, riding one of those will definitely be near the top of my to do list.

  2. PWE right now are definitely appreciated by all! Heck, I watched the first half of Game 3 of the Orioles/Reds 1970 World Series today. The Reds lost that series (and that game) and yet I still watched a good chunk of it, that's how desperate I'm getting for baseball to return. At least we have our cards though!

  3. I recently traded with the elusive Spiegel as well, and after seeing the stuff he's sent to other bloggers, I can't wait to see what he found for me!

  4. Awesome packages. Those team set bags should keep you busy a while for sure!

  5. For whatever reason, those SI for Kids cards are just plain fun.

  6. Ah, I've got something for your Hiura PC then...

  7. I'll always be Team PWE! Glad it's made such a strong showing during quarantine.

  8. The bullet trains are fascinating machines. Most trains are cool but those are beyond cool.

  9. Bullet trains!! You’ve got to make it across the Pacific someday Fuji!! Such generous bloggers..awesome care packages.

  10. I've only ridden trains in three countries (US, UK and Japan) but the Shinkansen by far were the best experience I've ever had riding a train. One day last June I took the Shinkansen from Fukuoka to Nagoya (roughly 460 miles) in just under four hours - including an 18 minute stop in Kobe.

  11. That Bullet Train card is fantastic! You've certainly got some generous friends and followers.

  12. You should definitely come over and take that bullet train ride some day!

    Actually that is one way the pandemic has hit me personally. My parents had a trip booked to come here for a visit in April and my dad (who is a huge train fan) was going to finally take a trip on the bullet train. Needless to say the trip was cancelled and unfortunately my father's health isn't very good and he is unlikely to be able to make the trip next year (or whenever this is over), so it looks like he lost his only chance to ever take a ride on it, which sucks.

    So while you've got the chance, take it! Its a lot of fun (not just for the bullet train, there is a lot of great stuff to do in Japan!)

  13. paul - yeah, that card is fascinating. up until a few weeks ago, i had a shelf dedicated to my japanese heritage in my office. this card would have been displayed there. unfortunately, i had to make room for more binders ;D

    nachos grande - yeah... i honestly think reading blogs and watching youtube videos about cards helps keep me from going insane

    nick - his downsizing has certainly helped out a bunch of us. i'm sure you won't be disappointed

    shoeboxlegends - this week has been so insane... i haven't gotten around to opening any yet. crossing my fingers that i'll get around to it tomorrow

    comatoad - i have three binders dedicated to si 4 kids cards. i love them! lots of variety in regards to the sports featured... but my favorite thing about them are they feature female athletes. that's something we don't always get in regular products.

    gca - i promise to give him a warm, cozy, loving home ;D

    the lost collector - it's been really nice seeing them float around our blogosphere... and even nicer to be on the receiving end of a bunch myself.

    jongudmund - i loved trains as a kid. i kinda grew out of that phase... but i'd love to ride the bullet train at some point.

    sumomenkoman - i'm hoping to do it one day. i just don't know if it'll happen

    npb card guy - wow that's awesome. i've only ridden a train here in the us. most recently was about 5 years ago going to a sf giants game. i'm sure it was going 10x slower than the bullet train

    chris - it truly is. i know we shouldn't play favorites, but that card really did stand out in this package. as for generous friends and bloggers, i agree 100%

    sean - aww man. i'm sorry to hear about your parents trip. hopefully we can get back on track as a society and your father gets to take that train ride. i hope i eventually do. i'm just not as hopeful as i was five or ten years ago.