30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Online Dime Box

As long as the citizens of this planet are sitting around waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine to be developed... there won't be any card shows to attend in my area.  Well... at least none that I'll be attending.

Fortunately there's an online card store with an entire inventory priced at 10¢.  It's called Baseballcardstore.ca and if you ever want to kill a couple of hours, this is the place to hang out.

I placed my first order with them a few weeks ago and a second one two days later.  Last week, they arrived safe and sound.  Today's post shows off the highlights from both orders that arrived together in the same package.

Hopefully it'll demonstrate the variety of cards they offer on their site.

1985 Topps Wacky Packages #39

I've seen this sticker pop up on a few blogs (most recently on Johnny's Trading Spot).  Actually he showed off his 1973 Beanball stickers, which happens to be a tad bit cooler and much more collectible.  But I'm not complaining, because this is by far the coolest item I found on their site.

1990 Pacific Senior Baseball #126

The card I was most excited about was this Nettles card.  It's like the SPBA's version of Billy Ripken's famous error card.  Sadly this is the corrected version of the card... which according to this article is actually rarer than the A$$ H013 version.  Unfortunately... it's not quite as cool.

1994 Panini Album Stickers #256

It's always nice to find a Gwynn I don't own for a dime.

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter #128

I've been looking to add this card to my collection for a long time.  I collect any card related items that feature the Golden Gate Bridge.

This bridge is a symbol for the San Francisco Bay Area and about a seventy minute drive (without traffic) from my doorstep.  It's been a few years since I've driven across it, but it's nice knowing that I can whenever I want.  Back in the late 2000's, I'd spend a few weekends each year in Sausalito.  This photo was taken on one of those trips.

1999 Topps #34

Nolan Ryan has plenty of iconic cards.  I'd say that this is one of them.  Back in 2017, I wrote about the Chrome refractor version of his card for Tony's 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge.  Man... that was an awesome BBA.  It was fun to read everyone's responses.

Next up is a pair of Beastie Boys cards...

2017 Topps GPK #3a

1991 Pro Set Yo! MTV Raps #103

I'm a huge fan of the Beastie Boys and over the years, I've collected their albums, CD's, VHS tapes, DVD's, and even obscure things like skateboard decks, Star Wars action figures, and trading cards.  With these two cards, the Beastie Boys card collection has officially doubled in size.

1991-92 Upper Deck French Euro-Stars #E14

The Dominator dominated in the net during the 90's.  He won the Vezina Trophy six times (five times during the 90's), led the league in save percentage six consecutive seasons, and won back to back Hart Memorial TrophiesOne of the greatest goalies in the history of the sport.

2016 Heritage News Flashbacks #NF-RR

First it was the Golden Gate Bridge.  Then came the Beastie Boys.  This Ronald Reagan is the third and final mini-collection purchase.  I was raised by parents who loved the Reagan administration and for that reason alone... I'm always excited to add new cards of him to my collection.

1995 Upper Deck #226

I have a graded copy of this Nomo rookie card, but needed a raw copy for my binder.  I was happy to find it for this price.

1979 Topps Buck Rogers #85

Star Wars had Princess LeiaBattlestar Galactica had Athena.  And Buck Rogers had Wilma.  No way I could pass up this card.  Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to get it signed by Erin Gray who is still drawing second glances at seventy years of age.

1982 Cramer Baseball Legends #61

One of my favorite things about cards produced by Pacific in the 90's was their outstanding ability to crop photos.  This card let you know where they learned it from.

1991 Marvel Universe Series 2 #68
1992 Marvel Universe Series 3 #197
1992 Marvel Universe Series 3 #182

I'll wrap things up with these three cards that I needed for my master collection of Marvel Universe cards from the 90's.  I'm down to only needing one card... which I'll write about in a future post.

That's it for today.  Hope you guys enjoyed checking out my online dime box purchases.  If any of these cards caught your eye, there's plenty more where they came from.  Just click here, because you never know when we'll be able to attend card shows again.

Which brings us to our question of the day...

When do you think we'll finally be able to attend card shows and sift through dime boxes?  This year?  2021?  2022?  Never?

Hopefully this Moderna coronavirus vaccine ends up working.  I doubt things will ever be exactly the same... but that (or another vaccine) would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. That's quite the mix of cards, I'll have to check this site out!

    I've got the naughty version of that Jim Nettles around here somewhere... Hopefully I'm organized enough that it's in my "oddballs" binder. :-)

  2. These are nice dime finds, but your Golden Gate Bridge picture is most impressive!

    I'm hoping we'll see card shows again by the end of the year. I was somewhat relieved to see the National was postponed until December instead of outright cancelled. If it's still on I'm going to try and get there.

  3. Great site. My first order should be here soon. Was easily able to find players by team because the team name is included in the card title. So when I needed a Jeromy Burnitz Cubs card, just needed to type that in, rather than having to know the year/set/number of the card.

    1. Yes, it was super easy to search for Cubs and a great way to spend a couple of hours. Realistically, I think we'll see card shows around the same time schools are back open at full capacity. The sooner the better for me!

  4. I sure hope card shows (and dime boxes) can come back before 2020 is over, but I'm not too optimistic about that. That site seems cool (and right up my alley!) but I'm having a hard time navigating through it.

  5. I've looked at that site briefly. It looked a little difficult to negotiate. I'll try again when I have some time.

    As for card shows coming back? Who knows? I'm done predicting stuff. 2020 has taught me that.

  6. I never saw that show, but I vaguely remember her from Silver Spoons.

    Nolan gets my vote this round.

  7. I'm guessing later this year. One of our local card shops is reopening but you need a reservation to help them control the number of people in the store. I checked out that website for the first time tonight and wound up with 60 cards for my collection and trading partners.

  8. I'll take a poke at it (but it's two sided). I think card shows will be around very soon. I just got notice that the July 4th card show in Jax is a go. Appropriately Independence day. There will be rules and all of that physical distancing etc. However, no way will I be attending... It's not FEAR like some are calling it, it is common sense. When this bug (Covid 19) is absolutely guaranteed not to be an issue, then I will attend a card show. In other words, a viable vaccine in my arm (or butt) wherever it has to go giving me immunity before I attend any event of any sort. I am guessing 2021/early 2022. With all of that said, I will be hitting a couple of card shops (once there are a ton more of new cards released). Mask and gloves in tow.

  9. Just placed an order. It's not the easiest site to browse but if you've got searchlists it's kind of wonderful.

    And the more I see how things are going the more I don't think we'll be anywhere ready to got to shows until fall 2021.

  10. I always love seeing Hasek cards. He was must-watch television during his Sabres days!

    1. Agreed! What made him even more fun to watch was his unorthodox style of goaltending. And if I remember right, he gave the occasional wacky interview, too.

  11. I few days ago I checked that site out because another blogger mentioned it. As Night Owl said it looks a little difficult to navigate. A little frustrated that it looks like for Non-Sport stuff you have to ask for a scan.

  12. I placed an order there a couple of weeks ago. Haven't gotten a tracking number or anything from them. I emailed them yesterday and haven't heard anything . . .

    1. A funny postscript to this comment. I did finally get my cards yesterday and I'm very happy with the purchase. They said they were overwhelmed with requests which is why they took so long with the order and why they didn't get back to my email right away. The funny part is that they mentioned my comment on this blog when they got back to me - I guess they are reading the blogs (and comments).

    2. bo - that makes sense. good to hear that they're getting a lot of business. looks like they'll hold onto cards now for people, so you can save on shipping.

  13. The big show here already sent mail that they canceled (would've been in a few weeks). I doubt that'll be possible until at least next year.

    If I saw the Beastball card in a dime box it'd be in my hand in seconds. That ones on my want list. I checked that site and see there was just one of those and it's sold out :-) Nice pickup.

  14. Really nice cards. Never heard of the site but I'm going there after work. Thanks. Glad you got the Panini Gwynn sticker!! Hopefully we'll get card shows in 2021.

  15. Sounds like a cool site. I wonder if they ship international. There are a few base cards I'm missing for my project.

  16. I checked out the site after Trevor's initial post, and only found about 12 cards, which wasn't enough to warrant paying $4 shipping. I thought about asking if someone who was ordering from them, would pick up the cards for me and I would trade for them, but thought better of it, as that would be a little too presumptuous for my liking.

  17. thanks for the tip about the online store. I'll check them out.

    As far as card shows go....I don't think anyone can really say at this point but if I were to guess I'd say very late 2020 or early 2021 is a decent bet. The next month/six weeks will tell us a lot as more places open up.

  18. I made an order too. Actually, it was pretty big, 249 cards to be exact.

    I was so happy to get cards for a dime again.

  19. shlabotnik report - they have a lot of variety. i think they upload cards each day or at least fairly often to keep things fresh... but they charge $4 for shipping, so you need to find a certain amount of cards to make it worthwhile. hopefully i'll get one of those nettles eventually.

    chris - i have a bunch of photos from that trip. i just went through them a few days ago and it brought back a lot of fine memories

    jeff b - yeah... very easy to conduct searches. my biggest issue is they keep their sold out items on the site. but overall, i was pleased with what i purchased.

    p-town tom - yeah, i hope it's soon. i totally miss the face to face interaction with my students

    nick - i'm not very optimistic either. but i'm hoping it happens. as for navigating... if you have specific things you're looking for it's not bad. but if you're just browsing... you're gonna need some free time.

    night owl - yeah... at this point nobody really knows... so it's just a matter of guessing. as for the site, it depends on what you're looking for. it's definitely not set up for casual browsing. however if you have specific sets, teams, or players in mind then it's not that bad.

    elliptical man - yeah, i remember her there too. as for nolan... if there was a baseball card hall of fame, that card would get my vote.

    gcrl - congratulation on nailing down 60 cards. i like the card shop reservation idea. that's pretty creative.

    johnnys trading spot - wow. a show in july? i'm like you... i probably wouldn't attend anything until it's safer. i would consider going to a flea market where there is fresh air(wearing a mask and not gathering around others), but at this point... i'm not even willing to risk that. so for the time being, i'll just continue to shop online ;)

    nick vossbrink - yeah, search lists are the way to go. if you're gonna browse, you need time on your side.

  20. matt - the only time i got to see him was when he played the sharks, but i enjoyed seeing his highlights. actually my favorite hasek story involves owen nolan calling his shot in front of the hometown crowd against him back in the mid 90's.

    gregory - yeah, i remember people referring to his goalie style as "unorthodox" all the time. but dang it was affective

    captkirk42 - a few people have commented on the difficulty of navigating through their site and i'd agree. but if you have time to kill, i found it entertaining. if you don't have time, their search tool is helpful

    bo - oh no. i hope they get back to you soon. they sent me confirmation within a few days for sure. and a few days after that i received my shipping confirmation

    steve at 1975baseballcards.com - now if i could only land the beanball version for a dime. the big show that normally takes place here in june was already cancelled before the covid-19 thing hit due to mall renovations. i think they might be back in september, but even it they have the green light... i'll probably hold off until 2021 to be safe.

    peter k steinberg - i hope so too. actually... i hope they have a vaccine by 2021, so that i'll feel comfortable attending shows when they start reopening.

    jongudmund - i'm not sure. they definitely ship internationally to the states. not sure if they ship to europe though

    jon - yeah, there has to be a number of cards in mind before it's worth the price of shipping. for me it was 40 or more cards... which i met with both of my orders. as for trading... i'm sure there are people out there who would work with you. i'm terrible at shipping cards, so you wouldn't want to partner up with me

    commishbob - yeah... at this point it's just guessing. although... it looks like john has a card show in his area that will be opening up in july.

    gtt - 249 cards? nice. i think i grabbed about 90 between my two orders... maybe a little more. i've seen more stuff that i want, but the shipping thing keeps me from placing another order. it'd be cool if they offered a "hold shipment" option where you could bank your cards until you're ready to have them ship.

  21. I’m ready for the next card show for sure!

  22. long comment got eaten by blogger, but thanks for posting this, I just found some neat stuff

  23. sumomenkoman - me too. although, it'll have to depend on when they open it up. i already get freaked out at how close some collectors to snuggle up against me while digging through dime boxes.

    dayf - glad you were able to find some cards. hope we get to read about it on your blog.