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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flea Market Finds #86: Bobbles and Autos

When:  Sunday, June 21st
Where:  Capitol Flea Market
What:  Bobble Heads and Autographs
How Much?:  $19

Holidays and flea markets don't mix.  Vendors stay home with families... and that typically means less people walking around too.  Father's Day was no exception.  But that wasn't going to stop me from getting my daily steps.

Compared to the average Sunday, Capitol was probably missing 35 to 45% of their regular vendors.  However there were plenty of bargains to be found.  In fact, I found more stuff that day in the three previous trips combined.

Unfortunately... sports cards weren't part of the equation.  But I was definitely happy with my purchases.

Purchase #1:  Forever Super Bowl XXXVI Bobble Head $5

I recently cleared off one of the shelves on a bookcase in my office and started filling it with random bobble heads.  This one caught my attention, so I picked it up.  It's a little chipped, but nothing a little touchup paint can't fix and it looks great next to my broken Klay Thompson bobble.

Purchase #2:  Joe Thornton Autographed Puck $5

Each year, the Sharks Foundation holds several "mystery puck" fundraisers, where they sell blind bags containing a random puck signed by a San Jose Sharks player.  They are sold for $20 each at specific games during the holiday season and usually have a holiday theme.  Each player signs the same number of pucks.  I've actually considered purchasing them in the past, but since the odds of pulling a big name are slim... I always pass.

However I met a guy who had six or seven different pucks, feature a variety of years and holidays who wanted $5 per puck or 3 for $10.  Joe Thornton was the only big name, so I decided to pass on the bulk deal.

Purchase #3:  Autographed Tim Brown 8x10 Photo $1

If this photograph were a sports card, it'd probably be graded a PSA 3.  There are a couple of indentations and the autograph is kinda faded... but for a buck, I figured it was worth it.

Purchase #4:  Funko Pop Vinyl Batman $3

Funko Pop Vinyls are this generation's version of beanie babies.  I see them everywhere:  toy shows, toy stores, Target, Walmart, in classrooms, and now at the flea market.  This one has a damaged box, so the guy sold it to me for $3.  It'll make a nice addition to my classroom.

Purchase #5:  Landon Donovan Bobble Head $5

As I've slowly lost interest in the NBA, I've started watching other sports like mixed martial arts and soccer.  Landon Donovan is one of the greatest players in our country's history and although I wasn't watching soccer when he played for the Earthquakes... I'm still happy to add this to my San Jose shelf in the office.

2009 Calbee

Speaking of soccer... my heart goes out to Laura Bassett and her fellow Lionesses.  I was totally cheering for Nadeshiko Japan, but that was the worst possible way to watch them win.  I'll definitely be cheering for England when they face Germany on Saturday.  As for the big game on Sunday, I really hope it's an exciting game like in 2011.

I'd love to see Team USA bounce back from their epic loss at the last World Cup, but at the same time, I'd like it to be a close game.  If USA turns this game into a blowout, I might end up flipping sides and pulling for the underdog.

Anyone else out there soccer fans?  Any of you following the Women's World Cup?

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I am a soccer fan -- more on the men's side, to be fair -- but I have followed the USWNT in this World Cup and even watched the England game because I remembered it was on. I have had problems watching though -- because Fox's commentary teams are pretty awful.

    That said, was Landon Donovan really a blond when he played in San Jose?

  2. Nadeshiko Japan all the way. I guess.

  3. I love soccer and my wife and I have been hooked on Copa America with their final on the 4th. Argentina vs Chile. Drove by the Quakes stadium and they had the US vs Germany on the big screen facing the road-too bad the final is on a Sunday of a holiday weekend.

  4. $3 for that Pop figure is Awesome!! I'd jumped all over that!! I rarely keep the boxes anymore!!

  5. I'm a soccer guy, and former coach. My cable package has ton's of soccer all over it for which I'm greatful. My wife doesn't understand how I can watch a match being broadcast in a language I don't understand. LOL

    I follow the EPL in general and Man U in particular. Like Tony I follow the men's WC (USA, Portugal, England) more than the women but I have seen some of the USA's matches. I'll try to watch the finals on Sunday.

  6. good Pop figure purchase for 3 bucks. so is Forever the name of the jester?

  7. 'd love to find a Tim Brown autograph for a $1! Good find!


  8. 'd love to find a Tim Brown autograph for a $1! Good find!


  9. The Super Bowl bobble head is creepy, that is the kind of thing you swear you see moving in the middle of the night. I love soccer, played it most of my life, and I watch every game I can catch, the USWNT need to take the win this year and after they beat Germany they look unbeatable.

  10. Tony - Lol... not sure. I do know that they made two versions of this bobble. One with blonde hair... the other with brown.

    Zippy - Good luck. Final starts in a few minutes.

    Bman - Heard about Copa America, but since it didn't include USA, I didn't really follow it.

    Richard - I collect them both ways. If the box is in nice condition, I'll keep the figure in the box. However... I've already taken Batman out of the box ;)

    Commish - I'm sure one of these days I'll get into the EPL. Bay Area soccer fans are getting pumped up for the huge Manchester United vs. F.C. Barcelona game later in the month. As of right now, most of my soccer fandom is directed towards Team USA or the SJ Earthquakes.

    Jafronius - Forever is the name of the company that created a lot of the bobbles produced in the early 2000's.

    Jason - Yeah... excited about that purchase. Although... it's in very rough shape. Might just frame it and hang it up in my classroom for my students who are Raider fans.

    Corky - Game just started... the jester and I are cheering for Team USA! The odds definitely seem to be in their favor... especially after the quick goal!