30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Lucky Day

If I have a choice... I'll avoid walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and stepping on cracks.  But in the overall scheme of things, I wouldn't exactly call myself a very superstitious person either.

For example... today's the infamous Friday the 13th.  And to be quite honest... I felt kinda lucky.  When I checked my mailbox during my prep period, I noticed a 300ct. box sitting in there from Zach over at The Underdog Card Collector.

Inside were a bunch of cards for my students... and a few I pulled out for myself.  In the spirit of this special superstitious day, I'll go ahead and show off 13 cards from his package:

First up... let's go with this Mad Bum World Series subset card that my students are going to go crazy over.  Although Posey is probably the majority of my students' favorite player... Bumgarner receives a lot of love too.

However if you ask my friend and her mom, they'd go with Pence over Posey any day of the week.  They in love with his crazy eyes.

San Francisco Giants Mania has taken over the Bay Area.  If you were to survey my students, I'd guess that there's five to seven Giants fans for every A's fan.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think the three World Series titles in six years might have something to do with it.

However every now and then, I'll have a student mention the A's.

Unfortunately half of the time they still think Cespedes is on the team.

Although I did see a student earlier in the week wearing a Sonny Gray t-shirt.

As for me...

Everyone knows my favorite current player is Kurt Suzuki.

What you might not know is that I once was a huge Ron Darling fan too...

Early 90's Stadium Club's photography is awesome.  Sorry Zach... this card won't be making it into my students' hands.

Neither will these two cards...

It's simple.  I love Gypsy Queen.  Love the inserts.  Love the base.  And love the old school player selection.

I'm also a big fan of Allen and Ginter... especially their framed relics:

In 2006 Phil Pfister won the World's Strongest Man competition.  See for yourself...

Next up are a pair of woodies...

It took me over twenty years to actually appreciate the beauty of McGwire's 1987 Topps card... as well as learn to appreciate all O-Pee-Chee baseball cards from the 70's and 80's.  Great stuff.


I'll wrap things up with this 1989 Topps LaRussa.  1989 was a special year for A's fans, because it's the last time they won a World Series title... and they did it against their cross-bay rivals.

Thanks Zach for this awesome package.  Now that we're getting back into baseball... my students are going to go nuts over them.

I'll put together some Padres for your collection in the next week or so... and I'm definitely down to catch a game if you visit the Bay Area.

Happy Friday... or should I say Saturday... and sayonara!


  1. Right on, Fuji-san! I'm glad the cards made it to you and I'm especially glad that at least a few have found a spot in your collection. I've been intending to send these to you for quite some time now so once I ripped into two blasters of '15 Topps, the time had come!

    I'll email you about the game because, yes, my wife and I will be in the area this summer...and I'll probably be able to swing excuses to get away for a Flea Market trip *and* a game!

    Looking forward to getting some more trading momentum built up with you!

    Thanks for the awesome post and have a great weekend!

  2. I can't help but think that Hunter Pence fans love that goofy photo with his tongue sticking out. That card is one of my favorites of 2015 (so far),

    I was a fan of Ron Darling from his time with the Mets, and I've got a 2nd or 3rd tier player collection going for him. A number of years ago when Borders Books shut down, I bought a discounted copy of Ron Darling's book "The Perfect Game". I read a few chapters, got sidetracked and have not found my way back. Maybe I should unearth it and move it over to my "next books" stack.

    *Sigh* I still miss Borders... especially whenever I go into a Barnes & Noble.

  3. My wife decided she liked Hunter Pence also. Although her reasoning was because he looked like the twin brother of Layne Staley, the late lead singer of her favorite band, Alice in Chains.

  4. underdog - let's do it. hopefully the padres will be in town. thanks again for the awesome package.

    shlabotnik - lol... i'll have to track down an extra copy for my friend. if you ever finish the book, let me know if it's worth picking up. as for borders vs. barnes... i've always been a barnes kind of guy... but most of my friends preferred borders.

    carls - i can totally see the resemblance. can't believe it's been it's almost been 13 years since staley left us.

  5. "However if you ask my friend and her mom, they'd go with Pence over Posey any day of the week. They in love with his crazy eyes."

    How I understand them..