30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Huddy and the Hall

A few years ago, Baseball Digest had an excellent article on "under appreciated" baseball players, like Ken Boyer, Dave Concepcion, and Ted Simmons.  The article listed a handful of retired players as well as some current players.

It was nice to see former Oakland Athletic... Mr. Tim Hudson on the list.

His 214 career wins ranks him first among active players... although CC Sabathia is right behind him with 208 wins.  He's second behind only Mark Buehrle on the WAR for active pitchers list.  During his sixteen seasons in the MLB, he's had thirteen "ten win" seasons  and has made four all-star teams.  And in a few weeks he'll finally add a World Series ring to his jewelry box.

Unfortunately these accomplishments might land Huddy in the Hall of Very Good along with Tommy John and Jack Morris, but I guess only time will tell.

Regardless of whether or not he gets a plaque in Cooperstown... he'll always have a special place in my collection... right beside Jason Giambi and Barry Zito.

The three of these guys were part of the super talented Athletic teams of the early 2000's... that just fell short of winning a championship.  All of these guys along with Mark Mulder, Eric Chavez, and Miguel Tejada might only be Hall of Very Good candidates, but they were a lot of fun to watch.

Thanks Matthew (Mr. Bob Walks the Plank) for the awesome cards and the trip down memory lane.  There's a card show next month.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for more Pirates for your PC.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Apparently Tim's wife is named Kim.

    I really hope that Tim's full name is Timberly and that his wife's full name is Kimmothy.

  2. Tim's wife is also an attorney in Auburn, Alabama, where they live. I've heard stories that she can be a bit obnoxious around football season, but then again, that can be said about all of us hard core SEC fans.

  3. My dad actually moved with his wife to (near) Auburn, AL, where he met Hudson at a fund raiser for the local SPCA (which my dad's wife runs). Apparently Hudson is a really down to earth nice guy. Walked right up and stuck his hand out and said "Hi, I'm Tim". No prima donna attitude.

  4. He' gets my vote, but that didn't help Murphy or McGriff, so for now we'll cross fingers.

    BTW, make some room in your A's collection. I'm just sayn.

  5. I'm a big Hudson fan too. He won't be a hall of famer, but has had one hell of a career.

  6. zippy - scary what their kids names could be

    tony - every year i try to get into college football and every year sjsu sucks. i even try to follow stanford and cal, but they're never quite as good as alabama and co.

    jeff - i've heard that hudson is a really nice guy myself.

    john miller - one of these days i'm going to create a hall of very good post and i'll make sure both murphy and mcgriff are in it.

    mr. scott - thanks for the awesome package of cards buddy!