30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Domo Arigato: JediJeff @ 2x3 Heroes

And rounding out my three package weekend is one of Jedi Jeff's famous PWE's.  Let's kick things off with a piece of Campy cardboard:

I love Hostess cards from the 70's.  I can still remember begging my mom to buy boxes of Twinkies, so I could get the cards... and of course eat the Twinkies.

And while were on the topic of golden treats... check out this golden treat:

Last season the A's started off 8-1 in Chavez's first nine starts.  Unfortunately the long outings eventually wore him down and he was eventually sent back to the bullpen.  Hopefully he and his teammates can bounce back after last year's epic flop.  The good news is he's currently projected to be back in their starting rotation.

And rounding out the PWE are these two awesome San Jose Sharks cards.  Both pay homage to classic 90's technology.

Thanks Jeff for these very cool cards.  I just put together another package for you today.  This time I found some White Sox for your PC.  I'll try to get them in the mail this Wednesday.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!