30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, July 13, 2013

When Beanie Babies Meet Baseball Cards

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Beanie Babies and baseball cards hooked up and produced offspring?  Well look no further...

I present to you a box of
1999 Salvino/Team Best Baseball.  Each box contains a Salvino's Rookie Bammers bear, a corresponding trading card numbered to 10,000, and six packs of 1999 Team Best baseball cards.

Salvino created bears featuring: Lance Berkman, J.D. Drew, Rick Ankiel, Ryan Anderson, and Pat Burrell.  I ended up with Baseball America's 1999 #2 top prospect:  

Ankiel has been in and out of the MLB the past fourteen years.  He's currently a free agent, but earlier this season he hit home runs playing for the Houston Astros and New York Mets.

In fact, he's the first player since Babe Ruth to hit 50 home runs and win 10 games as a pitcher.

As for the six packs of baseball cards...

Unfortunately, there isn't much to show you.  I failed to pull any inserts and the biggest name I found was a guy who has been out of the MLB for almost 10 years.

Bottom line... was busting this box worth the five bucks I spent at the card show?  Probably not.  But it brought back a few memories, gave me about ten minutes worth of entertainment, reminded me of the risks of collecting prospects, and left me holding onto a purple teddy bear with the #22 stitched on its back.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I had a Kobe Salvino Bammer, lol my mom got caught in the beanie baby crazy and bought me the Kobe at a card show

    1. Question 4 u I am now the proud holder of jerry rice, troy aikman, and 2 others and they are all signed and numbered by the players. how do I find out its worth,
      they are all like new. can somebody turn me in the right path so I no not to sell these.

    2. val s - emailed you with some follow up questions. i'll do my best to help research your items.

  2. Have a few Beanie Babies of MLB guys. Kinda quirky.

  3. I have a Ken Griffey Jr autographed Bamm Beano bear, it is actually my most unique Griffey autographed item.

  4. Wait, what? They put a bear in the box? Were these licensed cards or minor league cards? You should post a pack on A Pack To Be Named Later!

    1. Yeah... the bear was in the box. They were minor league cards. And once again... I totally slipped up and forgot to save a pack for APTBNL. Although... these packs weren't very exciting.