30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Domo Arigato: The Junior Junkie

Yesterday, I checked my mailbox and noticed a fat padded envelope waiting for me.  I didn't recognize the sender and figured it was probably an eBay purchase I had forgotten.

When I got inside, I threw the mail on the dining room table and grabbed something to eat.  When I went back to grab the bubble mailer, I saw this...

and I immediately knew who this was from.

Here's a look at what The Junior Junkie sent:

Four more Kurt Suzuki cards for my collection, including the 2013 Topps emerald for my rainbow.

He also threw in four Greg Maddux cards.  This might just be the push I needed to start my Topps regular issue base card project of Mad Dog.

Plus four more cards for my surfer pc... including two sweet Goodwin mini's.

And last, but not least... he sent a stack of cards for my Japanese player binder.  On a good month, I'm able to add three to five new cards to that binder.  The Junior Junkie sent me sixteen new cards for the binder.

Including this nice memorabilia card of former MLB all-star...

Thanks TJ!  I truly appreciate the generosity.  I'll try to put together a package for you in the next few weeks.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!