30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Contest Standings Week #7 + More Prize Packages

We're on the final leg of this contest and I wanted to thank all of you who took the time to participate by leaving comments or writing blog posts. Tomorrow marks the six week mark and I'm thinking that we'll have things wrapped up by this Friday... with packages shipped out as early as next Monday.

Speaking of packages... here are a few more prize packages I'm throwing into the pot:

Prize Package K: Journeymen Lot

Last week, I wrote about athletes who held the record for most franchises played for in their sport. It included a pair of autographs, a couple of memorabilia cards, some inserts/parallels, and a rookie card. One lucky winner will own all of the above.

Prize Package L: Buck O'Neil Autographed 8x10

Mr. O'Neil is the oldest player to play in a professional baseball game. He was a legendary Negro Leagues player and the first African-American MLB coach. And the Baseball Hall of Fame has a lifetime achievement award named after him. Unfortunately, Mr. O'Neil passed away six years ago. 

Prize Package M: San Francisco Giants Lot

A few weeks ago, wholesalekeychain.com shipped me a couple of keychains to review on my blog and allowed me to keep them. Since I'm an A's fan, I can't use them.  So I figured I'd give them away. I gave the pewter one of my friends, but the winner of this prize package will receive the bottle opener key chain and a 2012 Toyota Buster Posey oversized promotional card.

With that out of the way... here's the current contest leaderboard:

1st Place - Richard Nebe Jr. (68 Points)
2nd Place - Play at the Plate (66 Points)
3rd Place - Ryan G (56 Points)

Along with the rest of the pack:

Stay tuned... the next post and contest question is scheduled to be published at 3pm today. 

Happy Sunday!

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