30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Card Show +/- Rating, Contest Standings, & More Prizes

A few days ago, I asked all of you the following question about my card show purchases:

In your opinion... what were my best and worst purchases?

Twenty-five people left responses, which were very entertaining, informative, and at times brutally honest (which is what I asked for). I thought it would be cool to do a +/- rating on my purchases based on your votes.

Every time someone voted an item "the best" or "their favorite", I gave it a "+1", while a "-1" was assigned to "the worst" purchases. If people chose multiple items, then all of their choices were assigned a value.

Here's a look at how you guys responded:

Dime Box +9
Munson Rookie +4
Chunichi Figure +4
Ted Williams SLU +3
Jerry Rice Relics +2
All-Goalies Set +2
MJ Baseball Cards 0
Dream Team Box -2
Greatest Chase Box -5
The Walking Dead Set -7

Max's dime box cards were easily the most popular pick. The 1970 Topps Munson also had a fair share of "best" votes, but there were a couple of "worst" votes that brought down that card's rating.

Surprisingly, The Walking Dead set beat out the World's Greatest Chase box pickup as the "worst" purchase. I disagree 100%. The World's Greatest Chase box is quite possibly the worst purchase I've ever made... period.

Well... except for my two eBay purchases where I bought an empty box and copies of sketch cards.

Now let's take a look at our Week #3 contest standings:

First Place: Greg Zakwin (28 Points)
Second Place: Richard Nebe Jr. (26 Points)
Third Place: dayf & Ryan G (24 Points)

Don't see your name? Here's the rest of the pack:

We're just about halfway through the contest, so it's time to announce the next five prize packages:

Prize Package F: College Basketball 9 Card Autograph Lot

I'm in the process of cleaning out my autograph binder and these cards have been sitting around for awhile now. It's time for someone else to deal with them. On the bright side, the book for $43 and seven of the nine autographs are hard signed.

Prize Package G: 14 Card Baseball Refractor Lot

If you like shiny things or you're a Curt Schilling supercollector, than you'll love this lot. Here's your chance to own 13 different refractors from 2007 & 2008 Bowman Chrome. Plus I'm throwing in an extra Schilling, because I like you guys.

Prize Package H: Non-Sport Wax Pack Lot

Remember those 2009 World's Greatest Chase boxes I busted? Well, I've pulled the packs I needed for my unopened wax pack collection and I'm offering one lucky winner my duplicates. Here's your chance to own your very own piece of cardboard featuring Van Damn and/or Rosie O'Donnell. Aren't you a lucky camper?

Prize Package I: Yastrzemski & Musial Donruss Puzzle Lot

Here's your chance to start your very own Donruss Puzzle PC. They might not hold a lot of value, but Donruss puzzles are one of my favorite things to come out of the 80's. Don't worry... your puzzles will be sent intact as three piece cards... so the enjoyment of putting the puzzle together will be all yours.

Prize Package J: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Playing Cards

Okay... so they're cheerleaders for the Cowboys and these days, all of them are likely in their 50's. But the fact is... they're cheerleaders on cardboard. In other words, they're cool. I mean hot. Whatever. You know what I'm trying to say.

I'll probably add a few more prize packages by the time this contest is over, so stay tuned.

Thanks again to everyone who has been taking the time to participate and respond to my contest posts. It's been a busy weekend, so I'm taking the evening off. I'll post something tomorrow.


  1. Streetfighter and VR Troopers? Prize Pack H is hard to beat!

    1. I know right... Where else can you find a Van Damme rookie card?

  2. When I first stated at my current school district the 'lead' P.E. teacher was a former Cowboy cheerleader. Her departmental meetings were always well attended.

    1. LOL... is she still in the district? Maybe she's in the deck of cards.

  3. I get distracted easily...by shiny things (refractors) and pretty things (cheerleaders). What were we talking about?

  4. Some more great prizes, thanks again for another excellent contest.

    1. No... the thanks goes out to you and everyone else who takes the time to support the blog.