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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sayonara Salute #16: Mat Latos

As a San Diego Padres fan, I'm used to talented players leaving... so the Mat Latos trade doesn't surprise me at all.

The past two seasons, Latos has been our top starting pitcher (no offense Mr. Richard or Mr. Harang). Here's a look at his career stats:

Games Pitched: 72
Games Started: 72
Wins: 27
Losses: 29
Career ERA: 3.37
Career K's: 413
Career WHIP: 1.154

At first glance... it's not that impressive. But if you take into consideration that he played on the San Diego Padres his first three seasons... you can appreciate these stats.

Actually... I shouldn't complain. According to Jim Bowden...

The Padres completed a trade that compares to the Herschel Walker trade in the early 90's. Hopefully he's right. The Cowboys dominated much of the 90's. I can only pray that this trade helps turn the Padres franchise around... so that we can dominate a decade of our own.

Hasta luego, Mr. Latos. Best of luck in Cincinnati.

Just remember Petco Park is pitcher friendly & Great American Ball Park is not.

And a huge hello to Mr. Alonso, Mr. Grandal, Mr. Volquez, and Mr. Boxberger. Yonder & Yasmani... what I wrote for Mat applies to you too.

Happy Sunday everyone... time to shift my focus to football, where my Seahawks head to Soldier Field to take on the Bears in a huge game that may determine whether or not either team makes the post season. On the other hand, the Green Bay Packers can wrap up home field advantage and the #1 seed in the NFC with a win at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In terms of fantasy football... I made it to the second round of the playoffs in my blogger league. Today, I face BA Benny's Bisons (who had the #2 seed in the playoffs). It's definitely a QB league and he has Brady, Sanchez, and Manning... which trumps my Stafford, Tebow, & Freeman. It doesn't look good for me... but maybe... just maybe... Tebow will pull out another miracle and lead me to another victory.

As for my work league... I lost last week... which means that there's a three way tie for first this week. My team is still ranked #1, based on points scored... but I'm taking on one of the other first place teams. It's pretty simple... if I win today, I have a good chance of winning the league. If I lose... I have to win my final two games to even have a shot.


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  1. We gave up way too much in this trade. I know Alonso was stuck behind Votto - but there's no guarantee he'll be in Cincinnati forever. And it clearly depletes the farm system.