30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog Trade #16: Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle

Earlier this year, Greg (author of Dodger blog: Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle) and I pulled of a traded that added several PC additions to my collection.

Nine months later... we've done it again. I shipped off a Donnie Edwards autograph, a Ryan Zimmerman jersey card, a Gary Sheffield bat card, and a Sergei Fedorov jersey card.

In return, I received these:

2011 Crown Royale Steve Bartkowki Jersey

Bartkowski was the first player chosen in the 1975 NFL Draft and a legendary CAL Bear. He'll never be enshrined at Canton, but he had a decent career for the Atlanta Falcons... taking them to the playoffs three times and representing them in the Pro Bowl in 1980 & 1981.

This is the only card that doesn't really fit into any of my PC's... but at the same time... I'm not interested in trading it either. It's one of those cards that keeps me in touch with my childhood.

2009 UD Sweet Spot Trevor Hoffman Jersey Relic

When it comes to the San Diego Padres... there just aren't many legends in their franchise history. Of course, there's Tony Gwynn. Dave Winfield. Ozzie Smith. Steve Garvey. Randy Jones. And let's be real... Winfield, Smith, & Garvey aren't usually remembered for their days in San Diego.

Trevor Hoffman's 601 saves puts him on that list too. He spent 16 seasons with the Padres and has pitched in more games than any other player in franchise history. In fact, his 902 appearances are more than double than Craig Lefferts (375), who's second on the list.

Thanks Greg... this relic card is the tenth addition to my Hoffman relic PC.

1980's Rookie Cards

I'm a huge fan of 80's rookie cards. And if you collected in the 80's, then you know these guys. Clark and Coleman will never be enshrined in Cooperstown... but like Bartkowski... they're a part of my past. The jury is still out on Raines... but out of the three, he has the greatest shot at entering the Hall.

San Jose Sharks PC Additions

I'm always on the lookout for new Sharks memorabilia cards and autographs, so I was stoked to hear that Greg had these three cards that I needed.

Malhotra only played in San Jose for one season, but he was a fan favorite. McLaren is a left winger who has spent most of his time in Worcester, playing in the AHL since the Sharks drafted him in 2007. I'm not sure he'll ever be good... but I needed an autograph of him.

And of course... you can never have too many relic cards of Patrick Marleau... the greatest player in franchise history. Marleau is the franchise leader in most offensive categories... and if he's not on top... he's definitely in the top 10. I've said it before... I hope he plays his whole career in San Jose.

Non-Sports Novelties

Greg must know that I'm a teacher... because these two cards will probably be given to some students. The first is a Christopher Columbus insert card from 2010 A&G.

The other is a Fans of the Game insert of pop sensation, Justin Bieber. This is the second Bieber card I've received in the past three weeks. The first one came from a trade with Justin over at The Hopeful Chase. I gave it to one of my sixth period girls.

Tomorrow... someone else will be one happy camper. Who says collecting cardboard is only for guys?

Random Pieces of Cardboard

Last, but not least... Greg threw in a bunch of San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, along with a few Japanese baseball players for my PC. All of these were bonuses he threw in... and much appreciated.

Thanks Greg for another successful trade. I'm sure it won't be our last.

Here is today's question...

How many women in your life collect cardboard?

I've given a bunch of cards to students who are girls... met and talked to a few woman at shows... watched a few female YouTubers bust packs... and have read a couple of blogs authored by ladies.

But when it comes to immediate friends or family... I don't know anyone who is an actual collector. An ex-girlfriend of mine... who is still a close friend... has a bunch of Sharks cards and soccer cards that I've given to her... but she's never been interested in collecting herself.

What about you?

Well... time for dinner. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Sayonara!


  1. My fiancee is the greatest super-collector of former NFL kicker Jason Elam as well as players from schools she's taught at.

  2. Only female collectors I know are on the blogs.

    Come to think of it, that's where just about all the male collectors I know are.

    What is WRONG with people?

  3. 0 women in my life collect cardboard. Granted, I don't mention it to the females in my life, but still. My best friend from UCLA does have a father who has some cards, as she once told me.

    And thanks for the great trade Fuji!