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Friday, December 23, 2011

Flashback Friday #3: Beanie Babies

Christmas is just two days away... and Santa ClausRoger Goodell have brought all of us one heck of a present. This year, NFL's oldest rivaly resumes when the Chicago Bears visit Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers.

As a Packers fan, it's simple. They need to win, so they can wrap up home field advantage and allow some of their wounded players an opportunity to heal.

But it's the season of giving, so I'm going to stop thinking about myself and honor the Chicago Bearstheir fans by flashing back to the 90's & showing off some Bears.

Beanie Baby Bears to be exact.

If you were born in the 90's or earlier... then you know what I'm talking about. And if by chance, you don't... then just be thankful.

Beanie Babies Insanity struck in the mid 90's and were hot collectibles for several years. They were so popular that even my Mom joined the hype. Thankfully... she didn't turn out like this:

I felt bad after watching this video... but it's a healthy reminder to myself to collect for "fun", instead of "investment". Now onto my personal Beanie Baby collection:

Valentino Bear
Birthday: 1/27/95
Retired: 12/31/98

In honor of Coach Lovie Smith... I give you Valentino for reasons that should be obvious.

Peace Bear
Birthday: 2/1/96
Retired: 7/14/99

In honor of former Chicago Bears Chairman of the Board, Michael McCaskey... I give you Peace. McCaskey served in the Peace Corps from 1965 to 1967.

Princess Bear
Birthday: 10/29/97
Retired: 4/13/99

In honor of Hall of Fame running back, Walter Payton... I give you Princess. Payton's jersey was worn by Fred Savage in The Princess Bride (thank you Google for helping me out with this connection). I considered honoring Jay Cutler... but that's not my style.

Actually... as I wrap up this post, I should clarify something... I DON'T COLLECT BEANIE BABIES... seriously... you have to believe me.

I purchased these three bears for $3 from a buddy who was dumping them. He had hundreds to choose from, but these three stood out... because they're bears. And back in the 90's... bears seemed to be really popular. I'll most likely end up handing them over to my Mom's collection. And if she doesn't want them... then I'm sure one of my students will find a good home for them.

But since I'm keeping it real... I figure I ought to come clean and share the only Beanie Baby that I actually have & intend to keep:

Birthday: 8/19/04

It was a gift from one of my best friends and holds a lot of sentimental value.

It's your turn...

Did you ever buy into the Beanie Baby insanity?

C'mon... be honest. You can trust me... I own a pink guinea pig Beanie Baby, named Rosa. Do I really have any right to judge? LOL.

Happy Holidays everyone... TGIF... and sayonara!


  1. I never bought into the Beanie Baby craze but I did buy a couple for my wife as presents, a turkey for one Thanksgiving and a Mastodon cause I thought it was cool looking.

  2. My sister bought 100's when she visited the States on vacation. Then she stuck them all on ebay and made a fortune in profit as most were very difficult to get in the UK. She still has loads in her office.I own a Las Vegas Beanie who is quite cool when the dogs aren't molesting him.

  3. hackenbush - i'm pretty much in the same boat... i've never bought one for myself, but have purchased several as gifts.

    hairylemon - i'm glad your sister was smart enough to flip them for a profit. sadly most people (including myself) hold onto things a little too long and miss the window.

  4. My mom did, very briefly. She even got the mini beanies that McDonalds had for their promotion. It didn't last long, and she only bought what she would see at stores, never paid outrageous prices. I had a Kobe Bryant Salvino Bammer (remember those?)

  5. Oh and two Beanies my mom kept and gave me to me for sentinmental reasons was an owl for my graduation from high school that has 2002 on the tassle, and also Fortune the Panda Bear which was born on my bday December 6th

  6. chris - i totally remember both the mcdonald's beanies & the salvino bammers. i worked at a shop in the late 90's/early 2000's and we sold a ton of the bammers (especially the mcgwire ones)

    wow... that's pretty cool that you share the same b-day as the owl. lol... i'll have to see if any of them share the same birthday as my mom.