30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I failed miserably...

This will be my last blog post of 2011 and it's that time of the year. It's time to reflect and see how many hobby goals I managed to meet.

So without further adieu:

Goal #1: I absolutely need to maintain and stick to my spending budget in 2011, which is $150 for cards & supplies. Undecided

Did I spend $1,800 on cards this year? Probably not... but then again... I don't really know because I didn't keep track of my spending (like I said I would).

Goal #2: I will not add any additional PC's to my collection in 2011. Failed

This year, I added two new PC's: Steve Carlton & Athletes from Hawaii.

Goal #3: I want to complete at least 60 more trades on Sports Card Forum in 2011 and raise my trader rating of 195 to at least 250. Epic Fail

I started off on pace to meet this goal, but lost interest in trading in May. I ended 2011 with a SCF trader rating of 218.

Goal #4: I also want to complete at least 15 more blog trades. Close, But No Cigar

I played a passive role when it came to trading in 2011... mostly letting people come to me for trades... and in the end, I fell four short of meeting my goal. I hope to climb out of my shell and seek trades on a more regular basis in 2012.

Goal #5: I would like to complete at least one of the nine sets that I'm currently building. Success

I recently secured the final card in my 2000 Fleer "Club 3000" insert set. Unfortunately, I ended up adding the 2008 UD Masterpieces "Captured on Canvas" football relic set to my plate... so I'm still working on nine sets.

Goal #6: I will donate more cards to Goodwill this year. Not Sure

I donated some cards to Goodwill, but I have no idea if it was in 2011. This is one of those goals that I think I did, but I don't have any proof of it.

Goal #7: I want to build at least 15 more Sports Card Trifectas in 2011. Not Even Close

I only added 7 Sports Card Trifectas to my collection in 2011, but I plan to work on building more of these in 2012.

Goal #8: My goal is to continue posting two to four posts a week and bring that total to over 300 total articles by the end of 2011. Passed With Flying Colors

At the start of 2011, I authored 158 posts for this blog. As we close out the year with my final post of 2011, this is my 397th post, which means that I easily met this goal. I also managed to more than double my followers in 2011... going from 56 to 120. I realize that 120 people don't read my blog on a regular basis, but I'm guessing around 10% do (which means that I probably went from around 5 or 6 regulars... to 11 or 12 in one year... that's flippin' awesome!

Goal #9: I'm want to hold at least three contests this year on my blog to thank all of you who support my blog. Another Fail

I don't even remember setting this goal and ended up only having one contest... my annual summer contest. The fact is... I love the "giving away" and "blogger interaction" part of holding contests, but hate the "shipping & postal rates" part. Which is why I'll stick to one contest with a bunch of prizes.

Goal #10: I want to continue building friendships and maintain a positive attitude towards this amazing hobby. Mission Accomplished

I won't even attempt to list the number of cardboard comrades I've met since I started this blog... in fear of accidentally leaving someone off the list. But I hold in high esteem each and every one of you. As for my attitude towards this hobby... I still LOVE it. And I feel pretty certain my posts were more "positive", than "negative"... but I'll let you be the judge.

Final Score: 3-5-2, 30% Success Rate

If this were one of my student's scores and I was grading them, I'd have no choice but to give him/her a big fat "F". But... I'll learn from my mistakes and take this experience into account when I create my 2012 goals. Okay... this post is way too long. Next year, I promise all of you... one of my goals will be to keep the "rambling" down to a minimum.

I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve. See you next year! Sayonara!


  1. A .300 average would get you in the Hall if you maintained it long enough. Good work, Fuji, and Happy New Year!

  2. scott - now that's positive thinking... happy new year to you too.

  3. not bad bud... remember, these aren't life goals, just a blog about cards. Concentrate on the successes, like the people you meet etc...

    Happy new year.

  4. Did you have any fun? I thought so. "A"
    Happy New Year!

  5. I agree with the Scott, the Cap'n, and Hack. It's all about the fun you've had. Happy New Year!

  6. You have an impassioned attitude towards collecting, a steadfast restraint when it comes to overpaying for cards and a generosity that encompasses giving and sharing. Character does not come with a quota. I'm with everyone else, its all good.

  7. captain - good advice... i most definitely try to focus on the positive. happy new year & congratulations on the fantasy football title (again).

    p.s. thank goodness these aren't life goals, then i might actually be worried... lol.

    hackenbush - heck yeah... 2011 was pretty awesome in terms of cardboard. happy new year to you too.

    tj - yeah, i know... the title can be a little deceiving... mainly b/c i was being overly dramatic. i had a blast this year. happy new years!

    baseball nut - wow, thanks for those kind words. have a happy new years.

    and i hope all of you have a great 2012!

  8. Happy New Year Fuji!

    You did better than I did this year as far as blogging goes. I had a huge blog of activity in 2010, and I really cooled off in 2011. But that's why I love New Year's. It's always a clean slate.

    Enjoy your evening.

  9. G - Happy New Years to you too bro. I'm glad to see that you finished 2011 on a strong note... because you're definitely one of the blogs I try to read on a daily basis. BTW... what ever happened to Charles? Miss that guys blog too.

    Have a great 2012!

  10. Happy New Year FUJI!! Achieving goals is great, but it's all about the ride. Enjoy it! Looking forward to 2012 and more great Chronicles of Fuji.

  11. play at the plate - great philosophy... i'll have to keep that in mind this year. have a safe and positive 2012. i look forward to reading your comments as well as your blog posts.