30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Wait is Over

The wait is finally over.  I'm not talking about the 2020 MLB season starting in a few weeks.  Sure that's exciting news... but it's still over three weeks away.

No... I'm referring to my COMC order finally arriving.  I had originally requested my inventory to be shipped back on March 27 and was given an estimated shipping date of May 25th.  Due to the pandemic, this wasn't a surprise and not a problem.

The problem arose when May 25th came and went without hearing any sort of update from the company.  I emailed them without receiving any sort of response.  A few days later, I read a Blowout Forum thread about others having the same issue which didn't make me feel any better.

Then out of the blue, I receive a shipping confirmation from them last week... and voila... a package arrived in my mailbox.  There were forty-seven items shipped to me.  I'll be writing individual posts for a few of these singles.

Today's post will highlight the rest of my COMC haul which I've broken down into six parts...

Part 12001 UD Decade 1970's Game Used Bats

Although I haven't officially announced this set build, I've been slowly acquiring singles from this set whenever I can find them for $2 or less.  With the addition of these five, I now have twenty-two of the forty-eight cards in the set.

Part 2New Generation of Oakland Athletics

2019 Topps Five Star Autographs #FSA-MCH
2019 Topps Five Star Autographs #FSA-MO
2019 Topps Five Star Autographs #FSA-RL

The days of trying to own an autograph of every A's top prospect is in the past.  I'd rather be patient and wait to see which players will stick around longer than a cup of coffeeMatt Chapman and Matt Olson have proven to be valuable commodities to the Athletics and Ramon Laureano is well on his way to becoming one too.  I picked up this trio of autographs for under the price of a blaster, which is a number I can live with.

2019 Topps Chrome Refractor Autograph #RA-RL
2019 Topps Gold Label Framed Autograph #GLA-RL

I also grabbed these two autographed rookie cards of Laureano for $24.  This brings me to six of his signatures, which is plenty.  From this point moving forward, I'll only pick up on-card autographs if I find them for $5 or less.

Part 32019 Topps Holiday Relic Set Needs

These two cards were purchased in early January... when I decided to try and build this sixty-four card relic set.  They're also the final two cards to reach my hands and complete the project.

Set completed.

Part 4The 2019 Topps Oakland Coliseum Project

2019 Topps Gold #126
2019 Topps 582 Montgomery #126

I get it.  The Oakland Coliseum is a joke to 99% of baseball fans who are reading this.  But to me, it represents my childhood and has been the home of my favorite team for as long as I've been a fan.

That's why I fell in love with the 2019 Topps Oakland A's team card the first time I saw it.  I immediately started working on a pocket page filled with the base card, which I completed a while back thanks to Sportlots and a few bloggers.  Now I'm trying to acquire as many different parallels of the card.

Right now I have these two, plus the Rainbow Foil and 150th Anniversary parallels waiting for me over at COMC.  There are also a few others on the site, but I refuse to pay more than $2 for any of them.  I guess you can say I'm in it for the long haul.

Part 5The Steve Caballero Collection

Steve Caballero is a local legend and I've been a fan of his since the mid 80's.  I was pretty stoked to discover that Upper Deck included him in their 2019 Goodwin Champions product and immediately picked up all of these singles for $18.62.

These cards pair up well with the signed deck I purchased last year.  I actually still have my Caballero board from the late 90's.  Unfortunately, I sold, gave away, or dumped the one I rode as a kid.

Part 6Miscellaneous Stuff

2019 Allen and Ginter Framed Autographs #MA-OA  $14.25

I'm pretty sure this was a blog inspired purchase... but I can't remember where I originally saw this card.  Anyways... I missed the boat on an affordable Ronald Acuña autograph.  Wasn't going to make the same mistake with Albies.

1966 Topps Batman Black Bat #28  $1.75

Another blog inspired purchase?  This is the fourth card I've picked up from this set.  If you are a Batman fan, you can see the other three here.

2017 Allen and Ginter Black Framed Autographs #MA-KG (#'d 18/25)  $12

Just like the Oakland Coliseum, Krazy George is a part of my childhood.  This is the third Ginter autograph of him that I've purchased.  Now I just need to track down the red ink (#'d to 10) to complete the collection.

1992 Pro Line Autographs #NNO  $15

The Walrus is another Bay Area legend.  Well at least to me.  He taught and coached at my high school (about a decade before I arrived), then went on to coach both of my favorite football teams.  I was excited to cross this card off of my list. 

1999-00 ITG BAP Memorabilia All-Star Jersey #J-09  $5.65

The last card of the day is one of those silly buyback one of one cards.  Normally I don't have an issue with buyback cards, especially when they're stamped.  But this is one of those situations where I would have much rather own a this card without the Vault stamp.

I really enjoy the late 90's and early 2000's memorabilia cards produced by In The Game, because they were tough to pull and well designed.  I was drawn to this card, because the swatch of jersey came from the 1997 NHL All-Star Game that took place at the San Jose Arena.

That was the game where Owen Nolan called his shot against The Dominator to earn the hat trick in front of the hometown crowdBourque and this swatch of jersey was on the ice for the first of Nolan's three goals, but not sure about the one in the video.

Well that wraps up today's post.  I'm currently sitting on seventeen more cards at COMC that I haven't requested shipment on.  Although if I did make the request, it looks like I wouldn't receive my cards until at least October.

What about you?

Anyone else recently receive their COMC shipments?  Waiting on COMC shipments?  Or waiting to request COMC shipments?

I look forward to reading and replying to your responses.  Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Caballero's one of the few skaters I've heard of.

  2. I just requested shipment on an order today. They are estimating 3 months before they ship.

  3. I've been tempted to order from COMC recently but I really don't want to wait months for my cards. I'm going to give Card Barrel a try here soon. I've heard good things about them. It's got cheaper prices on newer and free shipping on orders over $25.

  4. I've refused to place my order because I don't want to go through what you went through. I have enough headaches ... and other places to shop.

  5. Awesome! Those bat relics are fun!

  6. Rarely order from COMC. Smart move picking up Matt Chapmans! He’s a good one.

  7. Congrats on completing the relic set! I also had the same thing happen with my COMC order (it also finally arrived this week). I don't have as many cool things in my order but I did use it to complete some sets of my own.

  8. I've got 54 cards pending shipment and still have a fair amount of credit to use... I thought about shipping my cards at one point but I figured if I'm going to wait, I might as well really wait. When I get them, it's going to feel like some awesome trade package from a friend, because I really don't remember half of what will be in that shipment.

    I like the prospect autographs... But I'd also rather have, for example, several autographs of #3 pitchers I liked than 1 autograph of a Cy Young winner. I'm weird that way.

    "Steve Caballero! I'm Steve Caballero! I am three birds of a feather!" Apologies to Mr. Caballero, who's probably heard that his whole life, but when I hear his name my brain instantly turns to the song from the 1940's Disney movie.

  9. Nice haul and glad they finally shipped it to you. I don’t order much on COMC but have heard of the delays.

  10. Fuji:
    As someone who has made the 2001 Upper Deck Decade of the 1970's single bat GUed pieces I can only wish you success in getting all 48 cards. If you like to see what the set all you need to do is GOOGLE BAD BUCKEYES BLOOD TAVERN then click on the Googles site page cause the freewebs.com site is a little bit of outdated then once you get to the page then click on the part saying ABOUT ME there you can find the set again best of luck

  11. https://sites.google.com/site/bucky75swantlists/home

    There's a link to my page now

  12. I have a bunch of stuff piled up in my COMC cart and ready to go, but I'll probably wait until things are a bit more cleared up before I have them shipped. Last I checked, the estimated shipping date right now was in September. Until then I'll just keep adding to my cart, because they'll have to ship sometime.

  13. Nice!!!!!!! Perhaps it's now safe to have my cards shipped. I didn't want them sitting in limbo. I think I have the Decade Bats Mota in my pick pocket box. Do you need this? If so, I'll look for it. It's an awesome set. I have a few cards but can't really complete it.

  14. Congrats on completing the Holiday relic set! The autos are nice and the Caballero collection is very colorful. It's great to see some COMC orders are trickling in. I've got about 140 cards sitting in Redmond, my plan is to get to 200 and then request shipment. Could be Black Friday before I get there though!

  15. elliptical man - i'll assume you've heard of tony hawk too ;D

    gcrl - yeah, that's the same estimate i received. i didn't request it yet though, but going to soon.

    adam - i've read a few card barrel posts. i haven't used it yet. right now i'm on a sportlots kick

    night owl - i even told myself to move on after i placed that shipment, but i just added some more money because a card popped up that i was looking for.

    brian - yeah, i like how colorful they are

    the lost collector - yeah... sometimes i'll just rewatch his defensive highlight videos on youtube. simply amazing

    nachos grande - thanks. hope to see some posts featuring those completed sets.

    shlabotnik report - when space wasn't an issue... i'd load up on any autograph of any padre or a's player if it was cheap. i'll still add them from time to time... but if have the choice, i'll add one biggie over three smalls. never seen that disney movie... but i'll try to look it up.

    sumomenkoman - i'm trying to distance myself from the site, b/c the deals are getting harder and harder to find... plus there's the tax thing.

    poison75 - congratulations on completing that set. i feel like it's one of those sets that i'll never actually complete... especially since i'm so cheap.

    nick - it's now moved back into october. as soon as i'm finished spending my money, i'll request another shipment and wait it out.

    jongudmund - yeah. me too. saw it on another collector's blog.

    acrackedbat - if you happen to have the mota, i can definitely use it. i honestly doubt i'll ever complete it either. but i'll enjoy trying

    chris - thanks. it's a pretty cool novelty set... and affordable. sounds like you're patient... which is good... since you'll need it when dealing with comc. i'm not sure when i'll request my next shipment. might end up doing this week, just so i can get it in october.

  16. Steve Caballero on trading cards? Cool!! When I was about 9 or 10 years old I had a Caballero board. No idea what happened to it, unfortunately.

  17. Waiting. They say Sept. ugh......Great picks ups. Love the Albies auto (and the Batman).

  18. Nice haul Fuji! Love those Decade 1970s relics in particular, that is going to look absolutely awesome as a complete set.

  19. I made a COMC order a month ago trying to fill in some vintage needs. I think my ship date is sometime in August. I am a little frustrated, but at the same time I get that people are trying to safe.

    I love the 2001 Upper Deck 70s set, and have a bunch of those cards. That's a fun set to look. I wish that they had used an older picture on the Jose Cruz card rather than him as a coach.

  20. Late again, LOL. Anyway...I requested a shipment on April 4, got a ship date of June 2. It's exactly a month since then with nothing. I hate critising them with all that's going on...but I get emails about their auctions all the time. What's up with that? I don't know what to say.

    I have cards there now that I bought after that last rshipping request. I am torn as to whether or not to request those as well. I hate making things worse for them.

  21. Whoops. Late on this reply but I'll soldier on anyway. I've got ~130 cards in my COMC pile. I'm reluctant to request shipping since I know I'll probably buy some between the request date and ship date and that will just piss me off. I figure I'll wait until they bring back the $5 credit but if things are still a mess by this fall I may succumb anyway.

  22. I know that it's probably rude to ask, but I'm curious to know how much you had to pay to get your cards shipped?

  23. gregory - it's cool to see caballero finally get some autographs and memorabilia cards. if you ever find that skateboard of yours, i hope you write a post about it

    johnnys trading spot - couldn't remember which blog i saw the albies autograph on... but assumed it was yours

    shoeboxlegends - doubt i'll ever complete it, but i'll grab them here and there whenever i find them cheap

    the snorting bull - upper deck definitely should have used a photo of cruz from his playing days. hopefully comc surprises people and delivers orders ahead of schedule

    commishbob - i'm a little late in responding. hopefully they ship out your package in the next week or so. they'd solve a lot of their issues by just responding to peoples emails. i was in the same boat as you. i had some cards that i could have added to the shipment request, but was afraid they'd lose them or mix up orders.

    nick vossbrink - i'm late on responding, so we're even. i'm kind of in the same boat. i have cards that i'd like to have in hand as soon as possible. but i still have some credit that needs to be spent. i'll figure out a shipment request sooner or later

    jon - no worries jon. i paid $4.99 for this shipment. i just pretended to make a shipping request and it's still $4.99 for flat rate shipping... with a guaranteed delivery date of october 11th