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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Smokin' Hot

Summer is my least favorite season of the year.  Sure it offers an abundance of flea markets and gives me a break from my middle schoolers.  But neither of these things make up for my passionate hatred of hot weather.  It's seriously one of my least favorite things in life and yesterday San Jose reached triple digits for the first time this year...

My outdoor thermometer is decrepit and probably not accurate... but it gives you an idea of what I was dealing with.  And it feels even hotter today.  I'm not amused.

On the other hand, I've enjoyed watching Christian Yelich light up pitchers the past few weeks.  He's one of the hottest hitters in June.

Over the past ten days, he's raised his average from .306 to .340 by collecting a hit in eight straight games.  He currently leads the MLB in home runs, slugging percentage, and WAR.  Plus he's in the Top 10 in almost every other offensive category out there.

As expected... Yelich's cards have heated up as well.  Back in March I decided to add his 1st Bowman card to my collection:

2010 Bowman Draft #BDPP78

Prices were already inflated after his MVP season, but I figured I'd grab a graded copy while they were still affordable.

I'm glad I did, because recent listings have closed for nearly double the price I paid.  I realize this card's value will rise and fall depending on Yelich's numbers.  But this is one time when I don't mind something being too hot.

Today's question of the day...

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Hopefully it's more comfortable than here in the Bay Area.  Happy Tuesday and sayonara!

Bonus Material

2011 Upper Deck MLS #198

Speaking of smokin' hot... did anyone watch Alex Morgan score five goals against Thailand earlier today in the group stage of the 2019 Women's World CupLast week or the week before I showed off some Japanese Eye CandyMorgan is Californian Eye Candy.


  1. Low 70s the next few days and rainy, but simply wonderful today. No worries though, because we'll have our fair share of 90s with over-the-top humidity. Ugh.

  2. We had our 2 weeks of triple digit weather (until late July and August when it returns). But the last week has been wet here ranging in temperature from the mid 80's to low 90's. I'd say it was perfect for me except for the rain. I am passionate about it not raining while I am awake.

  3. 91 today in Portland. Ugh too hot for me. I like 75

  4. In Central Florida it’s been pretty hot, even for us. I like it hot and hate being cold, but this is pretty ridiculous right now. 2 weeks ago we had highs of like 97 for the whole week, and I was dreading mowing the lawn. We finally got some rain this past week, and highs are in the high 80’s. It’s the humidity that is the worst. I’ll get off work and get in my car, and the air is so hot in there that you can literally taste it.
    That Yelich rookie is sweet. Glad you were able to get it at a somewhat decent price before he got hot this year. Sometimes seeing guys Bowman cards spike in value makes me wish I were doing more minor league in-person autographing and getting the Bowman sets when they come out. It would probably pay for itself, because each set has around 5 cards that stand the test of time and command good value when the player retires.

  5. Been in the low 70s here in PA for the last few days. So much rain though...

  6. It's been about 22C or so here in Toronto. And nice Yelich!

  7. The heat actually causes me problems with breathing. I dread summer due to that as well.

  8. Houston is having a lull between the usual hot, muggy nastiness. Tomorrow is supposed to be pleasant in the morning. I'm not counting on it.

  9. Yeah, I am not a fan of summer....Fall is my season. Can't believe it was that hot in SJ!!!

  10. Its been in the 70s all week here in upstate ny.A little rain but nice for the most part.Im surprised I don't have a Yelich rc floating around my collection.I bought quite a few packs his rookie year.I have a couple of his second year cards.

  11. The weather isn't too bad here in NJ. Definitely not triple digits.

    I was able to trade for a Yelich Topps Chrome RC last year, and was shocked to see how high it sells for now (nearly triple digits!) I was also lucky enough to pick up a Yelich auto on COMC before he became a Brewer. That said, I had my eye on the 2010 Bowman Chrome blue refractor for years and never pulled the trigger :/

  12. I also loathe summer. It's supposedly has been in the low 90's here in SoCal but it feels like it's in the low 100's--just miserable. I love the other three seasons. Rain doesn't really bother me. I actually enjoy rain, thunder and lightning if I'm indoors. I can't wait for fall.

  13. Glad his cards are heating up. Wish I had more of them.

    Today was low 70s and breezy. Was nice!

  14. I always find it interesting that people from warm parts of the world hate summer and love winter. I'm Canadian and we are pretty universal in our hatred of winter (except for watching hockey) and love of summer (despite the lack of hockey).

    In Japan we are in the rainy season now so temperatures are mild (high 20s, not sure what that is in Farenheit but not too hot) but rainy. Next month the insane heat and humidity comes but, being Canadian, I still prefer it to winter!

  15. I’m in Singapore now, and let’s just say based on what you said about hot weather I don’t think you’ll be visiting me here anytime soon! Pretty much every day is humid with a high around 90, no matter what time of year. Today’s actually cooler than usual—it might not get above 85, which is a big deal here.

  16. Blue skies and low 80's in western Maryland. Low 60's at night. I turned the air off and opened the windows. Though I still haven't worn shorts yet - I don't usually until it gets over 90. I get cold in the AC most of the time.

  17. Right now in Dallas it's 67 degrees. We had a lot of rain on Sunday ( e.g power outage and stuff like that for some people), but right now it's unbelievably nice for this time of year.

  18. Looks cool and cloudy here in the Chicago suburbs today. I'm not the biggest fan of summer either -- spring and fall are much more my speed.

  19. Not bad here in Iowa but a couple of weeks ago a tornado touched down four miles from my house. In addition to the goals did you catch the post game video of Morgan comforting the opposing player? Very nice.

  20. Mid 70s here in Maryland, lie humidity as well.

    And Alex Morgan is gorgeous 👍

  21. My family has been texting me photos of their thermometers for days. Brutal. Hopefully proper summer weather kicks in soon.

  22. p-town tom - low 70's and rainy is fine by me. 90's with humidity? lol. not so much.

    johnnys trading spot - 2 weeks of triple digit weather? i guess georgia and florida are no longer on my retirement list

    rod - i hope it's 75 when i get there.

    jeremya1um - yeah, i'm not a big fan of humidity. it's my least favorite thing about traveling to hawaii. whenever if go there, i end up taking multiple showers every day. as for bowman... i'd buy boxes of that stuff if it was a little more affordable. but the whole rookie card craze has priced them out of my budget.

    nachos grande - i love the rain. well... not during flea market season. but i do love listening to the rain hit the roof.

    jeremy - had to use a converter... but 22c sounds perfect.

    billy - that sucks billy. sorry to hear that. does humidity play a role as well?

    commishbob - i'm not sure what part of texas i visited when i was a kid, but man the humidity got to me. luckily we stayed on a ranch with a swimming pool, so we swam everyday.

    sumomenkoman - i like fall and winter. i can tolerate spring too if it stays in the 70's. the heat here was insane. hopefully southern california didn't have to experience it.

    big tone - i need to dig and see if i have anymore of his rookie cards sitting in boxes. a few years ago, i bought a bowman chrome factory set and pulled a rookie red refractor numbered to 10 of yelich. it's by far my nicest card of his.

    chris - glad the weather is nice in your neck of the woods. wow... that's insane. i wish i would have picked up one or two of those. might need to dig in some boxes to see if i have one floating around. by the way... i received your contest prize package in the mail. i've been a little backed up and busy, but i'll be opening it up today or tomorrow. thanks in advance

    bbcardz - i feel the exact same way in regards to rain, thunder, and lightning. and i can't stand the heat

    the lost collector - although i prefer 60's... i can definitely manage low 70's with a breeze.

    sean - as much as i love cold weather, i understand why some people look forward to summer. i'm not sure i wanna live in places where i have to shovel snow more than one or two days a year.

    brett alan - thanks for the heads up. i've officially taken singapore off my bucket list ;)

    gca - sounds like great weather for you. low 80's is too warm for me, but i think most people enjoy it. shorts in the 90's? lol. i wear shorts in the 50's.

    gtt - 67 degrees peak temperatures sounds amazing.

    nick - never been to chicago, but i've been told that spring and fall are the best times to go there.

    hackenbush - oh man... hope everyone was safe. i have a friend who lives in oklahoma and she's told me some crazy stories about tornados. yeah, i saw that video. it was cool of her to do that.

    baltmoss68 - mid 70's is a little warm, but tolerable. morgan is hot, but definitely tolerable.

    nick vossbrink - it's cooled off. triple digits will be back in july and august though.

  23. It was quite cold and rainy all weekend. We've yet to hit 90 degrees here in Denver, which is unusual. It's been unseasonably cool.

    1. Super jealous. It's cooled off here, but yesterday it was in the high 80's/low 90's. It's suppose to cool down a little the rest of the week though.