30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, June 10, 2019

More Cardboard Therapy

Four days left in the 2018-2019 school year... and I'm mentally exhausted.  This weekend was spent laying around, watching Hulu, eating fast food, taking naps, and opening up care packages.

Today's post covers a fat padded mailer sent from Johnny's Trading Spot that contained five team bags filled with baseball cards for my collection.

90% of the package were Oakland A's cards, so I carefully sorted them into different eras.  The first card features Reggie Jackson when he was part of The Swingin' A's:

1993 Upper Deck Clark #C2

Although I was a little too young to remember the back to back to back World Series Championships... it's my favorite era of Athletics to collect.

Up next are the 1989 World Series Champions:

I love me some Rickey... but my favorite card from the lot was this Stew:

2013 Topps Archives 1965 Tall Boys #MT-DS

In addition to Rickey, Eck, Carney, and Stew... Johnny also sent a boatload of Canseco's:

I was blown away by how many of these Canseco cards were new to my collection.  Here's my favorite from the bunch:

1988 Fleer Award Winners #4

You know how much I appreciate a well cropped, action shot.  There's no doubt in my mind that Mr. 40-40 is savoring one of his bombs.

Next up are the Money Ball Athletics...

It's hard to believe that these guys didn't make it the World Series at least once.  Just look at all of the big names in this group.

This card stood out from the lot:

2003 Fleer Ultra #127

Tejada has a history of having some amazing Fleer Ultra cards during his tenure with the Athletics.  This might be my best of the bunch.

Moving along... here are the Bob Melvin Athletics:

The guys on the left were part of the 2012 to 2014 playoff teams, while the guys on the right are the current A's led by BoMel.

2017 Stadium Club #258
2019 Opening Day #135

Continuing with the awesome action shots are two of my favorite Athletics from the past decade.

The other 10% of Johnny's care package were mainly cards for my Japanese Athletes PC, but before I get to those, here are a pair of outliers:

2015 Opening Day Mascots #M-20
2012 Panini Golden Age Mini #108

I recently started trying to pick up all of the Oakland A's Opening Day Mascot insertsJohnny just reminded me that I need to focus on the Swinging Friar too.  And the Secretariat parallel complements the relic I pulled back in April.

And rounding out the care package was this stack of Japanese baseball players:

Choosing a favorite from this lot posed my biggest challenge.  I ended up going with this Matsui insert, because I liked seeing the flag above his head and in the background:

2009 Allen and Ginter National Pride #NP40

Thank you Johnny for another awesome care package!  I've added your name to the hit list, but you already know you're my Atlanta Braves guy.

I hope all of you have a great week.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. I hope you needed one or two of those.

  2. So many great cards. The Vogt or Tejada would be my favorite though.

  3. Cool stuff as usual. I prefer Reggie Looking like that in the Athletic Green and Gold even though he had a short blink of an eye stint in B'More. His later career in pinstripes and with a Halo I never liked.

  4. That Award Winners Canseco Is sick!I can't say I've ever seen him holding the bat like that mid stride on a card before.I have to track that down one day.

  5. You got this..four more days. And dang, nice care package. Boom!

  6. Amazin' A's still one of my favorites. I have a collection of autos (missing RJ).

  7. johnnys trading spot - i needed thirteen of them! there were seven cansecos alone. thank you so much.

    bulldog - if i had to pick... it'd go with the tejada.

    captkirk42 - can't stand the yankees, but seeing reggie in pinstripes is the norm. i grew up pulling his angel cards. but my favorite by far is seeing him as an athletic. orioles? lol... didn't even know about his time in baltimore until i saw that 1988 score card of his.

    big tone - love that card too. it's not a common pose.

    sumomenkoman - thanks. i survived and i'm living it up. hitting up a flea market today!

    hackenbush - for as many a's autographs i have sitting in my collection... only two are of rj. i should really add a few more

  8. Like your type of therapy ;)