30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Taking a Break

Two Saturdays ago, I wrote about how I made the decision to start using Perfect Fit sleeves instead of Ultra Pro team bags to store my higher end relics, autographs, inserts, and rookie cards.  This transition kinda opened up the flood gates, because it eventually led to me reorganizing my player and team collections as well.

The bad news is that a fraction of my collection is stored at my parent's house in Las Vegas, so technically I won't be able to find closure until I'm able to make it down there again in a few months.

The good news is that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the stuff I have in my possession.  In fact this morning I decided to treat myself to three PWE's recently sent to me by fellow bloggers after spending an hour or so of sorting commons.

PWE #1: Johnny's Trading Spot

If you're a fan of vintage, I encourage you to head over to John's blog and check out all of the goodies he picked up from his PC "trip".  It was truly mind-blowing.

Thank you John for these nice additions to my vintage binder.  That 1974 Topps Rollie is one of my favorite cards from the decade.

PWE #2:  Sport Card Collectors

I sent Matt a PWE with some New York Giants, so he returned the favor with this stack of Oakland A's parallels and inserts.  I'm always excited to add a new Bartolo Colon card to my collection.  And although The Big Hurt will always be remembered for his years in Chicago, I'll never get tired of seeing him in an Athletics uniform.  His 2006 season in Oakland really revitalized his career.

Thank you Matt for these new additions to my A's collection.

PWE #3:  The Angels, In Order

1995 Fleer Metal #70
1995 Fleer Metal Silver Flasher #16

It's been awhile since I mentioned how big of a Brett Favre fan I was back in the day.  In the 90's, he was hands down my favorite football player.  These days, I don't track down his cards as often as I used to, but thanks to Tom... that might just change.

At first glance, these two cards look like duplicates or possibly parallels, but the card on the left is Favre's base card.  While the card on the right is part of the Silver Flasher insert set.

Thank you Tom, Matt, and John for these generous PWE's and for helping me take my mind off of my collection reorganization.

I'm done sorting for the evening, but I'll be back to the card stacks tomorrow.  Until then...

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I never get tired of seeing the old A's uniforms.

  2. Sport Card Collectors - Thanks again for the cards.

    Hackenbush - Me either. Although... the 1969 vests were pretty ugly.