30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's a Sunshine Day

It's been over a month since I've written a 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge post.  I'll try to sit down and wrap up the final two challenges over the holiday break.

In the meantime, I'd though I'd share two other memorabilia cards I stumbled across while putting together my Day 28 (Favorite Relic/Manufactured Relic Card) post.

First up is this brightly colored card of The Wizard:

2001 UD Decade 1970's Game-Used Bat #B-OS

I've been a fan of this relic card design since I first laid eyes on them years ago.  The whole beaming sun rays coming from the supposedly game-used sliver of bat practically pops off the card.  I also love the color combination used for this set.  They sort of give off a Partridge Family/Brady Bunch vibe.

2008 Topps Factory Set Mantle Memorabilia #MMR60

I'm not really sure how this could have happened... but I actually forgot this card was sitting in my collection.  It's one of those cards that Topps includes on top of their factory sets.  A few years ago, I purchased the entire 2008 Topps set for $20 at a local card show.  Mantle has always been a big name in our hobby... and he was hands down the biggest name when I started off collecting in the 80's.  I don't really have a lot of his stuff and this is the only game-used memorabilia card featuring The Commerce Comet that I own.

There might be rarer and more expensive Mantle relic cards on the market, but as a fan of the 1960 Topps design... I'm more than content with owning this one.

Let's do something a little different with today's question of the day...

What's your favorite 70's television show?

For my readers who weren't alive during the 70's...

What's your favorite television show?

I probably could write a Saturday Night Five post on this question... but I'll go with Three's Company, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, and The Brady Bunch.  

Not sure if I'm ready to declare which one is my absolute favorite, but I'm leaning towards Marsha and company.

Have a Sunshine Day!  Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. Wow. Nice mantle!

    Not sure on my favorite TV show. So many current and former ones to choose from

  2. I think my favorite 70s TV show would have to be Soap. I don't think any show has ever generated more laughs per minute. M*A*S*H was great as well. Of course I loved The Brady Bunch and Happy Days at the time, but they aren't things I'd watch today.

    Oh, and the early seasons of Saturday Night Live were by far the best.

  3. Love the Ozzie and the great UD Retro colors and vibe. I too love the 1960 set and what great card of the Mick. Congrats!

  4. Favorite show is Seinfeld, favorite '70s show is Welcome Back, Kotter.

    I love those UD Decade relics. My long-gone LCS from when I was a kid used to have a bunch of unopened packs from that set for a dollar each. I vividly remember pulling a Bill Madlock bat card and being enthralled with it. I traded that Madlock years ago, and even though I don't much care about bat cards anymore, I still wholeheartedly regret the decision.

  5. I was born in 1982 but 70's television was on quite a bit in my house growing up. MASH, Rockford Files and Columbo just to name a few.

    My favorite show of all time is probably The Wire or Law and Order. I also enjoy South Park and Family Guy.

  6. My family and I are huge Brady Bunch nerds!

    Love that Mantle. What a great card!

  7. I remember watching Emergency! and Adam-12 a lot. Now those are reality shows these days.
    Honorable mentions are Charlie's Angels, Quincy, and Sanford & Son. But the best one is The Muppet Show!

    My friend has all the Decade relics. Might have to meet that challenge sometime myself. I have so many player collection guys in those anyway.

  8. My favorite TV show? That's a tough one, especially lately, but I think I'd have to go with Breaking Bad.

  9. I wasn't born until the mid-'80s, but I watched a lotta old-timey stuff growing up and still catch things on the nostalgia channels when I'm at the parents' place once in awhile. I think all my favorite '70s shows besides Cannon either started in the '60s (Get Smart, which juuuuust barely makes it into the '70s, and Mannix ['67-75]) or lasted into the '80s (Super Friends ['73-85], and Taxi ['78-83]) though.

    1. Oh, and my favorite show ever (non-anime division) is probably Death in Paradise. Murdoch Mysteries is also up there. I stumbled onto both completely by accident. Detective shows with unique settings/styles FTW.

  10. Here's the final tally of shows...


    MASH x4
    The Brady Bunch x2
    Happy Days
    Saturday Night Live
    Alias Smith & Jones
    Sesame Street
    Emergency x2
    Welcome Back, Kotter
    Rockford Files
    Charlie's Angels
    Sanford & Son
    The Muppet Show
    Get Smart
    Super Friends

    Other decades:

    The Wire
    Law and Order
    South Park
    Family Guy
    Breaking Bad
    Murdoch Mysteries
    Death in Paradise

    If we're talking favorite TV Shows of all-time, I'd start off with Game of Thrones. Greatest show ever in my humble opinion. After that it kinda depends on my mood, but I love Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, BroadChurch, The Killing, and any of the Star Wars animations.