30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Father of the Wave

It's Throwback Thursday... so I figured I'd go back to one of my happiest and most memorable periods of my life:  the early 80's.

The Oakland Athletics have been a part of my life since the mid 70's.  Although I don't remember any specific games, my brother started taking me to Candlestick Park and the Oakland Coliseum before I entered elementary school.

By the early 80's, I was a diehard Oakland A's fan and the five things that stand out from that era were:

#1:  Billy Martin

1982 Donruss #491

What ten year old kid doesn't enjoy seeing their favorite team's manager kicking dirt and screaming at the home plate umpire?

#2:  Rickey Henderson

1982 Topps #610

Before Gwynn... there was Rickey.

#3:  Kool and the Gang

1993 Collect-A-Card American Bandstand #99

The Oakland A's play Celebration after every home game victory.

It's a tradition that's lasted over thirty-five years.

#4:  BART

Each day hundreds of thousands of commuters ride Bay Area Rapid Transit every day.  I haven't taken it in years, but when I was a kid... I'd beg my brother to park in Fremont and ride BART to the Coliseum.

#5:  Krazy George

2017 Allen and Ginter Autographs #MA-KG

When I first heard about P-town Tom's contest, I immediately thought of this card, because it's hands down be my favorite card of 2017.

Krazy George was a fixture at Oakland A's games back in the early 80's.  Self-proclaimed Father of the Wave, he's still pounding his drum at San Jose Giants and San Jose Earthquakes games three decades later.  It's safe to say that he's a Bay Area legend and one of my favorite memories of attending A's games back in the day.  

You know the routine.  It's your time to shine...

What are your thoughts on Topps having super fans sign cards for their products?

Although I was pretty stoked to see Topps produce cards of Krazy George, I can totally see the other side of the coin.  If I didn't grow up watching him, I'd have no interest in owning his cards.

For example, I was totally scratching my head when I first saw this card earlier in the year:

2017 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autograph #BV

If I spent $100 on a box of Archives and I pulled this was one of my two guaranteed autographs, I would have been less than amused.  But I'm sure there are at least a few Yankees fans out there who view him as I view the Father of the Wave.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. You make a great point about these superfan autos only having regional appeal. Perhaps the cards of fans, announcers, and other non-players should be online only, like Topps Now.

    I live in the New York area and I dont even know who Bald Vinny is, or what separates him from any of the other bleacher creatures. Now Fireman Ed, on the other hand, that's a guy that deserves his own card (of course, Topps doesn't have an NFL license anymore, so...)

  2. Regionally I get it, maybe Topps will keep those to be distributed regionally. At least I think they should do that.

  3. Those superfan cards are the kind of thing which redemptions would actually be good for. I'm a Bay Arean but live in New Jersey now and yeah a Krazy George card is way more appealing to me than Bald Vinny.

    Also it's a shame there are no jorts relic cards for Krazy.

  4. Stuff like Super Fan autographs should be a hit in Opening Day.

  5. Why is it called the Mexican Wave?

    1. As I understand things the world only found out about The Wave at the 1986 Mexico World Cup. I've never heard it called the Mexican Wave in the US. I have heard it called that in UK broadcasts.

    2. thank you for the explanation. I only hear it on EPL broadcasts

  6. Chris - Online only is a good idea. Or even as a bonus hit. I've heard of Fireman Ed... but didn't know too much about him. Thanks for sharing the link.

    John Miller - I miss regional issues. I don't know if Topps would ever consider doing them again... but I'd love to be able to pull a Krazy George card out of an Oakland A's Burger King set.

    Nick Vossbrink - If they produced game worn jorts cards of KG, I'd be all over them. He's about the only guy on the planet who could pull off Daisy Dukes.

    Jeremya1um - Great suggestion. Fits in with those awesome mascot cards.

    B Man/Nick Vossbrink - Never heard it called the Mexican Wave. Thanks Nick for the explanation.

  7. Fuji, love the personal connection to your favorite card of 2017. Krazy George. Awesome!