30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Grab a Glass of Milk

Because... today I'm sharing one of the greatest cookies around.

I have always been a cookie guy.  Given the choice between freshly baked cookies and just about any other sweet treat out there... the majority of the time I'll pick the cookies.

My sister-in-law's concoction called the "Gross" cookie is hands down my favorite.  It's based on her maiden name and has everything from oatmeal to chocolate chips to coconut (and I'm not even a coconut kind of guy).  They're seriously amazing.

My second favorite cookie is this 1971 Topps Cookie Rojas:

It may not be edible, but it's pretty awesome.

By now most of you know that I'm trying to save up for a rental property, so when it comes to collecting, I'm on a strict hobby budget.  But what you might not know is that one of my latest projects is picking up affordable graded cards that feature amazing photography and/or interesting images.

This card is one of the greatest "turning two" trading cards around.  Thanks to an article on Fangraphs, I discovered that this play took place on August 16th, 1970 at Yankee Stadium.  The player sliding into second base is New York Yankees' right fielder Ron Woods who had just singled to lead off the inning.

I don't want to rewrite the guy's article, so I'll keep it simple.  Cookie ended up turning the double play, but his team lost to the home team 5-1 that Sunday afternoon.

Cookie is the 4th addition to this particular collection and my latest eBay purchase.  I got involved in a small bidding war over this card, but was pretty pumped to walk away the winner.  The cost?  $10.27 (+ $3.50 shipping).  I could have saved a few bucks and picked up a PSA 7 version of this card, but I'd really like to find PSA 8 (or highercopies for my 70's trading cards.

There's one more card I have to share from this collection that I picked up off of COMC earlier in the summer, but I'll save that for another post.

In the meantime, I'm combing through Night Owl's Greatest 100 Cards of the 1970s posts in search of new cards to add to this collection.  He's already given me two ideas.

What about you?

What are some of your favorite cards that happen to feature amazing photography and/or interesting photos?

Who knows... maybe I'll try to add it to this collection.  It might look like I'm focusing on the 60's and 70's, but I'll consider cards from any decade as long as they're affordable.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Those are four great cards. Pretty boring (as are most of my eating habits) but I still love the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies. I make them myself.

  2. mmmmhh oatmeal raisin fresh out of the oven.. Dang, now I'm hungry. Well, interesting... 1984 Fleer #182 Glenn Hubbard..

  3. Now I wanna bake or no bake some cookies

    There are too many cards to list. But the Griffey Pinnacle base card with the blowing bubble gum is up.there

  4. Don't have much a sweet tooth myself. Maybe a nice piece of Apple Pie. Got to save those calories for good craft beer!

    Congrats on the high grade 70's cards.

  5. Fuji,
    Looking at those cards and the stands in the background of each I noticed that there are more empty seats than people, Did people actually go to games back in the day? lol

  6. Mrs. Fields White Chocolate Macadamia nut, two boxes(12 cookies) in one sitting.
    '03 Upper Deck #313 Mike Cameron
    '82 Fleer #196 Brad Mills
    '88 Topps Traded "Tiffany" #77T Jesse Orrosco
    '10 Topps Chrome #85 Kevin Youkilis
    To name a few from the modern era.
    Vintage cards (pre '76) with righteous photography is redundant. It would take months to compile a short list of worthy candidates to satisfy such a request.

  7. Here's a fast n' dirty five for vintage
    '75 Topps #505 Chris Speier
    '69 Topps #90 Jerry Koosman
    '75 Topps #30 Bert Blyleven
    '62 Topps #28 Minnie Minoso
    '72 Topps #55 Clyde Wright

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  9. I still like the 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter #261 Torii Hunter. There are others I can't think of right now...

  10. I live off of sweet treats. I'm the real life Cookie Monster. That Cookie Rojas photo is awesome!!!! Congrats on another sweet addition to your graded card collection.

  11. hackenbush - toll house chocolate chip cookies? don't think i've had them in years. i'll look for them this weekend when i go shopping

    john miller - oh yeah... the snake. definitely interesting

    sport card collectors - great call. that'll look great next to the kurt bevacqua (when i finally find one at a reasonable price)

    matthew scott - if i had to pick a second favorite snack, it'd be pie. but i'm more of a cherry, peach, or apricot kind of guy

    dion's ip autos only - the sad thing is... that's what the oakland coliseum has looked like the past few years

    sumomenkoman - ;)

    xavier higgins - wow. not sure what's more impressive. the cookie challenge or the list of cards. thanks for that excellent list of both modern and vintage.

    gca - wow. might need to get a copy of that card and send it to him and see if he'll sign it for me.

    collecting cutch - thanks. i do too. although... i've gained another 2 pounds since the start of school. i've gotta lay off the pie and cookies

    1. It's just the recipe on the back of the Nestles semi-sweet morsels package. Here's a link:
      Warning: addictive

    2. Thanks. Haven't actually baked cookies in years. I bought the ready to bake dough earlier in the week. Gonna try it today. Maybe I'll give your recipe a try during Thanksgiving break when I have more time.