30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Easier on the Eyes

Move over 1991 Fleer.  There's another 1991 yellow bordered baseball card and his name is Kenner SLU.

I know there are collectors who find yellow borders a little obnoxious and over the top.  However, I feel like there's enough stuff going on with this design to keep people from focusing on them.  I've always felt that the 1991 Fleer baseball card design could have used a team logo to spice things up.  1991 Kenner SLU cards took care of that issue.  They also utilized one of 1991 Fleer's strengths by carefully choosing solid action shots for the player's main photo.  And if that weren't enough, they also took a page out of Topps' book and added a portrait shot to their design.

When it comes to the back of the cards, Kenner can't compete with Fleer...

Honestly... there aren't a lot of flaws with the 1991 Fleer card backs.  They're pretty rock solid.  And for an oddball issue, I think Kenner did an okay job.  They included entire career statistics and a facsimile signature to go along with the standard biographical data you'd find on a baseball card back.

That's why I decided to use my 1991 Kenner SLU #NNO Nolan Ryan card as my Day 27 submission into Tony's 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge which asks us to share a favorite oddball card from 1990 or later.

What about you?

What are your thoughts on these yellow bordered baseball cards?  Do you have a favorite oddball issue from the 90's?

Look forward to reading your feedback and I hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. You're dead on when it comes to the '91 Fleer backs. For a set that gets so much flak they certainly look nice when you flip 'em over!

  2. I remember back in 1990 when the Post cereal cards were super hot. Like double digit prices for some of them! That was right when I was getting into collecting. So I might have to go with that for sentimental reasons.

  3. I never minded the yellow borders. After a while they can get hard on the eyes, but I still think it was a solid design.

  4. I am cool with yellow borders because it does take me back to those sets, which is around the time I got back in to collecting. Now I don't think I would like a complete set with yellow borders but with teams where the color compliments the team colors I am all for it.

  5. I always thought the '91 Fleer DESIGN was simple and effective. Binder page after binder page of yellow cards would tend to become a bit much though. If it was one of four or five colors I'd have thought about collecting it back then. As it was I was getting out of the hobby at that point and nothing around was good enough to pull me back.

  6. I don't have a problem with yellow borders because they always mesh pretty well with the Buccos. As far as favorite oddballs I'm always drawn to the ones of my childhood like Toys R Us, Kaybee and Ames.

  7. Wasn't collecting at all then, but I've got a bunch of the stars from '91 Fleer in my tradeables.
    It will most likely be one of the next sets I build in two days or less around the National time. Would join '92 Fleer, '87 Topps, '85 Topps, and 1990 Topps that I did the same way. Open a couple boxes and then go to the shop down the street to fill in the rest.

  8. A much nice look for the Ryan-it is hard though for me to get the Fleer Yellow

  9. I am actually trying to get all the 1991 Fleer Pirates cards signed TTM so don't hate on it.

    I remember the mid 90s Hostess cakes being one of my favorite to collect. My family probably all got messed up sugar levels from all the Hostess cakes we ate that summer.

  10. shoeboxlegends - i'm ashamed to admit this... but after collecting for over three decades, i'm only starting to appreciate card backs and these sure are pretty.

    defgav - i love post cereal cards from the 60's.

    zman40 - the design has grown on me over the years, but i'm not sure if i'm ready to say i like them. i just don't despise them anymore

    corky - i love that idea. i've always enjoyed cards with colored borders that coincide with team colors.

    commishbob - not even 1991 topps and their awesome photography? lol. that set might have been mass produced, but some of the cards are classics. i also enjoyed upper deck's design that year too. but everything else that year was "meh" at best.

    matthew scott - i'm a big fan of the toys r us rookie boxed sets design. my goal is to have them all displayed in a binder one of these days.

    gca - best of luck. prepare to be blinded by yellow

    b man - the ryan is almost like a work of art. the starting lineup log and the red lines produce a mound for ryan to stand on and his legs arch around his portrait photo. plus he has all of his limbs... which is the main reason i love this card.

    collecting cutch - lol. don't worry. i don't hate the design and i totally respect the fact that there are other collectors who appreciate the design more than i do. this set is a good choice for ttm signatures... especially if the player signs in black sharpie. i miss the days of sitting around and eating 3 or 4 hostess cakes with my buddies.

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