30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Buried Treasure

Sorting cards can sometimes be therapeutic.  This afternoon wasn't one of those times.

I'm usually pretty good about staying on top of my office clutter, but I've put off this cleaning assignment for a few months and the stacks of cards really piled up.

I found remnants of blaster boxes opened back in August.  There were cards I set aside months ago for care packages as well as cards I've received from fellow bloggers.  I even found cards I purchased back in June at the Serramonte Card Show.

But one card really made today's two-plus hour sort worth while.  Sitting at the bottom of one of the stacks in a magnetic holder was this beauty:

1999 Skybox Autographics #NNO

I purchased this Gwynn for $40 before the start of summer from my buddy Ben.  Mr. Padre signed for a lot of products over the years, but some of them are more desirable (at least to me) than others.  This is one of those cards.  I have wanted this card since its release nearly two decades ago.

Today's sports card sort was far from therapeutic, but the clutter is gone and I was able to find a little buried treasure.  All in all... it was worth the time invested.  Now all I need to do is wrap up all of the care packages I've been meaning to build and ship out.  But that'll have to wait until at least next weekend.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Autographics was an awesome set. I was mostly focused on the basketball version, but in any sport they were amazing. At the time they released, though, they were pretty much unobtainable for me.

  2. I remember seeing the first Autographics at a card show and being in complete awe. It would take a number of years before I got my first one. They were so tough to pull.

  3. Aw, lucky! I spent several hours this weekend putting stuff away and still only got two stacks done out of about twenty. My table has been full since August....

  4. Love it. This was my first certified Tony auto.

  5. Eureka! The Skybox Autos are especially attractive.

  6. Great image. Great signature. What's not to love?

  7. raz - i was into collecting the basketball ones too. still have a few sitting in my collection.

    sport card collectors - thanks

    matthew scott - i pulled a basketball one from a pack in 1996 or 1997 and thought i struck gold. it was a common, but it felt like i pulled a first ballot hall of famer

    gca - it's been nice to come home all week and not have to look at stacks of cards cluttering my office

    defgav - wow. definitely a great way to kick off the gwynn collection

    the lost collector - thanks. agree 100%

    b man - yeah. they're nice to look at. how fun would it be to try to build this set?

    hackenbush - seriously. i was really happy his signature stayed on the card.