30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Timeless Beauty

There are some things in life that will always be beautiful to me.  Here are five of them...

1.  Grace Kelly

2012 Panini Golden Age Museum Age Material #13

I was only ten years old when the Princess of Monaco passed away back in 1982, so I won't claim to know a lot about her other than what I read on Wikipedia.  But last year, I saw this card at an online card shop and was blown away by her beauty.

#2:  My Favorite Card

1956 Topps #30

I love baseball cards, but this card is in a league of its own.  It truly is a thing of beauty.

#3:  Griffey's Swing

1995 Topps DIII #43

When I close my eyes, I can picture Griffey's swing.  That's what happens after watching two decades worth of highlights.  Unfortunately the vision is slowly becoming fuzzier with age.

It took me almost an hour to dig up a card that actually captured the iconic swing as I want to always remember it, but I finally found it.  Damn.  That's a fine looking swing.

#4:  The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

1961 Topps Sports Cars #43

I've always had a deep appreciation for Volkswagens... especially the Karmann Ghia.  But just like Lucy Liu... this card continues to become more beautiful with age.

#5:  Listening to Celebration at the Coliseum After an A's Win

1993 Collect-A-Card American Bandstand #99

If they made a movie of my favorite childhood memories, Kool and the Gang's Celebration would definitely be on the soundtrack.  This song will forever be associated with an Oakland A's home win and my youth.  I get goosebumps every time they play it at the Coliseum.

Okay... it's your turn:

What are some things you find eternally beautiful?

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. 1991 Topps baseball and Lake Michigan.
    Also, Lori Petty in the early 1990s.

    1. My wife also... I thought that went without saying. Guess not :\

  2. Oh dear - I hate the song Celebration. Forbade it from being played at my wedding.

    The DJ waited until my wife and I stepped out of the hall for pictures and played it. I got back in about halfway thru, walked to the dance floor and stared at him for the remainder of the song, not moving a muscle.

  3. My girlfriend

    Brett Keisel's beard (is that weird?)

    Walking across Clemente Bridge before a Pirates game

    Marilyn Monroe

    A giant slice of Pizza (I'm very hungry as I type this)

  4. 1. My Wife


    3. Thunderstorms in the summer

    4. anything purple

    5. Monica Belluci

  5. I saw Kool and the Gang opening for Van Halen on the Different Kind of Truth tour ('12?) in Tacoma and couldn't understand *why* VH would have them on the bill. Then I saw them (or at least some of the set- we were late getting there. Long story) and it all made sense. They performed that song as their last one of their set and it was perfect for getting the 'party' atmosphere for a VH show. Genius on Diamond Dave's part to have them open.

  6. I'll never get tired of seeing Mt. Rainier on a sunny day. I'm always in awe

  7. I remembered watching this show the other week with a Karmann Ghia. Turns out nice.


    As far as beautiful...
    1. Light eyed brunettes in general.
    2. Yosemite National Park
    3. Old classic cars from the 40's and 50's
    4. The sound of electric guitars.

  8. Here's my most beautiful list

    1. A larger stack of $100 dollar bills
    2. Stack of $100 dollar bills
    3. The smell of vintage comic books
    4. Julie Newmar as Catwoman

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  10. And thanks to you I'm listening to Grace Kelly by Mika on repeat!
    And this post gave me some ideas to do some similar post. Don't mind if I try and copy you!? =D

  11. When I worked as editor at my first newspaper in the '80s, the staff car was a Karmen Ghia wagon. It was a most interesting car to drive. Enjoy the card, however.

  12. Matt Prigge - I'm a big fan of 1991 too. Some of the photography is amazing. I've never been to Lake Michigan, but now I'm curious.

    Commishbob - Thank you for putting a name to those photos. Peskin's photography is truly beautiful.

    JediJeff - Lol. That's awesome! Did you ever ask the DJ why he did it?

    Collecting Cutch - Keisel's beard is an interesting choice. It truly is a piece of work.

    B Man - Was your area hit with those thunderstorms last week? Can't remember the day, but it was pretty cool to see the sky light up.

    Cardboard Jones - I guess it's a love it or hate it kind of song. For me... it's more about the memories the song stirs up than the song itself. Side note... I love me some Van Halen.

    ketchupman36 - Nice call. Mt. Rainier is truly beautiful.

    GCA - Thanks for sharing the link. Only had time to watch the end... but damn that Ghia looked sweet. I'll definitely check out the rest of the video later. Agree 100% on Yosemite. Haven't been there in a few years... but when I was a kid we went every year. Some of my favorite Ansel Adams photographs are from there.

    Anonymous - Julie Newmar as Catwoman = Meow

    Ana Lu - Go for it! I'm borrowing fellow bloggers' ideas all the time.

    Comatoad - Staff car? Cool. Wish my school had a Ghia for the teachers to roll around in.