30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Break from Reality

Our country is going through some serious social justice issues and just thinking about the direction we're going in is kind of depressing.  It's a shame, because we have come so far in terms of fighting for equality.

But that's the beautiful thing about our hobby and blogosphere.  It can help us temporarily escape the ugliness that's going on around us in everyday life.

I can definitely use one of those breaks today, which is why I felt the urge to share the beauty of my 1999 Topps Gallery "Gallery of Heroes" set.

So sit back... grab your beverage of choice... and enjoy:

#GH1 Mark McGwire

#GH2 Sammy Sosa

#GH3 Ken Griffey Jr.

#GH4 Mike Piazza

#GH5 Derek Jeter

#GH6 Nomar Garciaparra

#GH7 Kerry Wood

#GH8 Ben Grieve

#GH9 Chipper Jones

#GH10 Alex Rodriguez

Okay... the break from reality is over.  Time to see Trump's latest tweet.  Sigh.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Thanks for a beautiful break! Stained glass is always a pleasant design motif. I'll have to track down these Cubs.

  2. Love this set, thanks for sharing!

  3. Never seen these before. They sure are colorful. Very 90s.

  4. Absolutely, great cards. Love them.

  5. These are fantastic and for anyone that hasn't seen them in person, they are way better in person!

  6. These are great looking cards. I might have to work on putting this set together. If I had to pick one out, I actually love the green and gold on the Greive card.

  7. I've never seen those before but they are gorgeous! Thanks for the brief escape!

  8. failing topps issues gallery of heroes insert set with no dodgers. sad!

  9. I need a break from reality-thank ou. Missed ya Serramonte, but I know you were possibly not going to make it. -I grabbed some goodies for ya.

  10. What a great looking set, I be that was a challenge to put together. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I don't have anything from the 1999 Gallery Of Heroes, but about a year ago I pulled a 2000 GoH card out of a pack while sitting in my car... As nice as these cards are in a scan, when you have them in sunlight they're just fantastic!

  12. I have yet to see a bad stained glass card...probably because such a thing doesn't exist.

  13. tony burbs - agree 100%. leaf produced a really cool stained glass set in 1996 for their studio product. it's a nice looking set too.

    dennis - it was too beautiful not to share

    commishbob - this might sound cliche... but they actually look much nicer in person. i'm sure ripken has at least one of these floating around out there..

    john miller - yeah. sadly the other two sets are probably gonna be much more expensive than this one and the 2000 set.

    daniel wilson - lol... agree. just mentioned that in my response to the commish

    snorting bull - it's a shame that grieve didn't turn out to be the superstar many a's fans had hoped. he did have a decent career though

    adam sanders - my pleasure. had a feeling i wasn't the only one who could use a brief escape

    gcrl - i know nomo has a card in one of the earlier sets... and i'm pretty sure piazza has one too.

    b man - sorry i missed it buddy. it came down to avoiding temptation. i've been doing really good with my budget. i should be at the next show (in january?). hope to see ya there.

    arpsmith - i cheated and picked it up on eBay for $18 back in december.

    shlabotnikreport - haven't held mine up to sunlight yet. next time i need a brief escape, i'll pull them out and hold 'em up.

    nick - agree 100%. kinda like i've never seen a bad 1953 topps jackie robinson ;) congratulations on adding that beauty to your collection.

    ketchupman36 - thanks. can't argue with those words