30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Short and Straight

The first few weeks of the school year are always a little crazy, so I'm going to keep today's post short and straight to the point.

Vladimir Guerrero is one of my favorite Montreal Expos of all-time.  In fact one look into my Expos PC and you'll notice that he represents over 25% of my collection.  A few months ago, I finally added one of his rookie cards to my collection and completed his Sports Card Trifecta:

Rookie Card: 1995 Bowman's Best Blue #2

I took me a few decades, but I didn't want to risk the price jumping up when he finally gets elected into Cooperstown next year.

Autographed Card:  1999 SP Signature #VG

Ever since its release, I've been a huge fan of this product's design.  The blue Sharpie on the white background allows the autograph to really stand out.

Player Worn Memorabilia Card2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection #VG

Here's a very shiny card with an authentic piece of game-worn jersey.

Game Memorabilia Card: 2001 Stadium Club Play at the Plate Dirt Relic #PP3

Once up on a time, card companies produced really creative memorabilia cards without having to include 4-color logo patches.

The end.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Nice trifecta of a great player! I definitely give a thumbs up to all three products, especially SP Signature

  2. Very nice! I think I've got a couple autos and 2 or 3 relics, but still need a RC.

  3. Everyone seems to dig the SP Sig set. Me too. Not to rain on your infield but does dirt count as a player relic? Not that I don't like it. I own a few of the stadium seat relics myself but I think the player is just there as a representative. I'm being nit picky.

  4. dennis - thanks! i debated on using the 1999 century legends epic signatures autograph, but i've shown those signatures too many times in the past.

    defgav - i'm sure they're fairly reasonable right now. i wouldn't wait too long though, because they might pull a beltre and soar in value if you wait too long

    hackenbush - who knows... maybe this is dirt straight from vlad's cleats. just kidding. i see what you're saying. updated the post so we're both happy. although... i guess technically it's a quadfecta now

    collecting cutch - me too.

  5. I'd love to see more dirt relics. Better than a plain old swatch.

  6. That Bowman's Best rookie has long been a dream card of mine. Still hoping to find an affordable copy at a show one of these days.

  7. A lot of people didn't pay attention to some of the unique memorabilia cards in the early 2000's. I actually think they would do well today as a nice change of pace from the plain white swatch.

  8. I wish the card companies would go back to dirt, gloves, shoes, and bases-fantabulous Auto

  9. I gave away his rookies a LONG time ago - years in fact. D-U-M-B.

  10. ketchupman36 - me too. i still like jersey cards, but dirt relics are much more unique

    nick - i hope you find one soon. can't imagine his values are gonna drop anytime soon

    matthew scott - yeah, i'm a little shocked that someone at topps doesn't go back and see some of the creative ideas used in the late 90's and early 2000's. it sure would spice up the stagnant relic market

    b man - me too. some of my favorite relics are game used gloves and shoe cards

    julie - i'd rather have sold all of my vladimir guerrero rookie cards... than have kept all of my ben grieve autographs (something i decided to do... and now they're worthless). at least you got something for your guerreros.