30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tall and Gorgeous

Sorry guys.  I won't be writing about Tyra Banks or Gisele Bundchen today.  Nope.  Today I'm jumping back into Tony's 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge with a post about a favorite oddball card from the 1960's.

As a huge fan of the 70's Kellogg's sets, I wish I owned any single from the 1968 Topps 3-D set.  Unfortunately these are extremely scarce and unless I win the lottery, I'll probably never own one.

So I decided to go with another Topps oddball issue released a few years earlier in the decade:

1964 Topps Giant #3

The 1964 Topps Giant set is gorgeous.  Their fronts are simple, clean, and have a classic feel to them.

On the back, Topps wrote about a highlight from the player's career, gave collectors another picture, and used a "newspaper headline" design to bring everything together.

The checklist is loaded with fan favorites and hall of famers, but is surprisingly affordable.  Last summer, I picked up the entire sixty card set for $100 at a local card show.

How many fifty year old sets with guys like Mays, Mantle, Aaron, and Koufax are available for $100?  I'm guessing there aren't a lot.
Honestly... the only downside to these oddballs is their size.  They're 3 1/8" x 5 1/4", so they're much taller than a standard baseball card and a little wider, which make them kind of difficult to store.

But c'mon.  That's like saying you'd to turn down a date with Tyra Banks or Gisele Bundchen because you're not comfortable with their size.  Sometimes you just have to overlook your quirks and appreciate true beauty.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Those cards appear to be in good condition as well so it looks like money well spent.

  2. Beautiful! They're a bit large but 2 pocket (5 x 7) pages would hold them a though bit loosely. I don't think Tom Brady would let Gisele go on a date with me anyway. Her loss. Oh, yeah and there's my wife.

  3. Tall and gorgeous indeed! I think that was one of your all-time best finds, I've spent over $100 on these and I only have seven of them: Frank Robinson, Yaz, Ford, Killebrew, Kaline, Marichal, and Cepeda. The front photos are bursting with color, and the newspaper headline backs are very cool as well. I love this set, great post.

  4. I should've mentioned this last time when you asked about "timeless beauty". Love love love this set, although I'm still a few SP's away from completing it.

  5. Those are awesome cards! I need to pick up some of these for my collection. For what it's worth, Ultra Pro makes a 4-pocket sheet that holds cards up to 3.5" by 5.25" in which my Warren Spahn fits perfectly with just a little bit of extra space. That size is the only one that fits my Brewers Police cards, so I've got tons of them.

    1. I've got to try putting my Dodger Police Set cards in those pages. I have a few extra as well and I'll have to give it a try.

  6. The most underrated set of all-time, I believe I said!

    I never knew that the '65 Topps Koufax card was the same photo used in the Giant set.

  7. Love the Topps Giants but never figured out a good way to store them-

  8. Sorry- you lost me after the third sentence.
    Anyway, cool set!

  9. Those are flippin' sweet.

    Maybe it's 'cuz Brady makes me cringe already, but I just don't see it with Gisele. I can name hundreds I like better.

  10. I have the Clemente and love it. Great addition for a great price.

  11. Nice set, especially at that price. Lots of HOF goodness!

  12. ketchupman36 - yeah. a few cards are in lesser condition, but most of the set is in fairly nice condition

    hackenbush - i have them sitting in 4 pocket pages... but i don't like how they still move around.

    chris - thanks. i agree. it's definitely one of my favorites

    shlabotnikereport - it truly is a timeless beauty. best of luck on your set.

    tony lehman - thanks. that's what i'm using right now. they still move around a little, but it does the job.

    night owl - i didn't realize that either until you pointed it out. yeah. maybe between our posts, it won't be underrated anymore.

    mark hoyle - thank you!

    b man - i've got them displayed in a binder in the 4 pocket pages that tony mentioned.

    cardboard jones - lol. thanks

    gca - me too. i'm actually into shorter women with some meat on their bones... but i had to catch people's attention somehow ;)

    matthew scott - thanks. the clemente is one of my favorites

    collecting cutch - me too!

    sumomenkoman - like night owl said... it's really underrated. hopefully a little exposure with create a little interest in this set.