30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Plenty of Fun & Generosity

When it rains... it pours.

I received three more packages in the past seven days.  This week's theme?  Giveaways.

Package #1:  Gavin's 4 Year Anniversary Celebration

Last month, Gavin celebrated four years of blogging by hosting a white elephant themed giveaway and I was one of fifteen lucky participants.  I chose the 4th prize with the 6th pick and was awarded with a nice stack of vintage baseball cards:

I was excited when I drew this prize package, but figured it would get stolen at some point.  In the end... the Cardboard Gods were looking down upon me and I walked away with several new cards for my vintage binder.

Gavin didn't stop there... he also sent a nice stack of Steve Carltons:

This is quite possible the single largest contribution to my Lefty collection.  I was able to add ten new cards to my insert, parallel, and oddball binder.

If that weren't enough... he also included a stack of Oakland Athletics:

I was blinded by the shine coming off of these cards.  I'm just not sure Sonny and Sean will be around in Oakland much longer.  Either way... all of these cards are staying here in my collection.

Package #2:  Top 10 Cards Contest

At the end of April, Collecting Cutch held an interactive contest where he asked bloggers to show off ten favorite cards of their favorite player.  Of course... I dedicated my post to Tony Gwynn.

The grand prize was a beautiful Craig Biggio Topps Dynasty autograph, which was won by Raz over at The Raz Card Blog.  However... Brian hooked up anyone who participated in the contest with a nice consolation prize package.

I was awarded a stack of Oakland Athletics that included this super thick Sweet Spot Signature of Dan Haren:

Gold ink with gold stitches.  Wow... that's a beautiful card.  There was also my very first Jemile Weeks relic:

I'm a big fan of autographs and memorabilia cards... but I'm an even bigger fan cards featuring Kurt Suzuki.  Brian also included this Gypsy Queen mini parallel of my favorite Japanese American catcher:

Rounding out the package was my very first Andrew McCutchen police issue card:

I love me some regional oddball issues... especially when they feature MLB logos.

Package #3:  Ricky Russo

The last package isn't from a blogger.  It's from a YouTuber.  I'm sure some of you are already subscribed to his videos.  However if you aren't, I highly recommend you check him out.

Ricky takes box busting to the next level.  I've never seen anyone rip open as many sports card boxes.  And I'm not talking about low end stuff.  He opens everything.

I kinda live vicariously through his videos, because there's no way I'd ever be able to afford some of the stuff he opens.  Plus he entertains his viewers by talking to us through his videos while he's opening packs.

And as an added bonus... he's one of the most generous collectors around.  He loves hooking up people who comment on his videos with cards.  This week, I received this Hershiser card in the mail:

One more thing you should know about Ricky is... don't call him Rickey.

Thank you Gavin, Brian, and Ricky!  All three of your packages are much appreciated.  Gavin and Brian... you'll be receiving a thank you package one of these days.  As for you Mr. Russo... let me know when you're coming out to the Bay Area.  The first sake bomb is on me.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards and thank you for entering the contest. I will be doing other contests in the next few weeks and all participants will receive free cards. Stay tuned.

  2. Awesome stuff from three great guys!

  3. collecting cutch - thanks brian for the generous prize package.

    sport card collectors & daniel wilson - agree 100%