30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Healthy Reminder

Experienced card collectors know that there isn't a "right" way to collect.  Each of us collect in our own way... fine tuned to our areas of interests and budgets.  I know that I have personally gone through numerous collecting phases since entering the hobby in the early 80's.

Right now my main focus in on nicer singles for my player and team collections, on-card autographs of hall of famers, specific graded vintage cards, and PSA slabbed rookie cards that have been signed.

In fact one glance at my recent eBay purchases will confirm that almost my entire hobby budget focuses on those four things.

But that doesn't mean those four things are the only things I collect.  I'm still picking up inserts and parallels for my binder collections.  And I'll always looking to add stars to my vintage binders.

Recently two fellow collectors reminded me that I'm still building sets too.

Commishbob over at Five Tool Collector sent me a care package that included this 2016 Topps Archives Aaron Nola rookie card.

At first, I thought that maybe The Commish confused me with a Phillies blogger, but the rest of his package targeted my interests.

Yoda is one of my all-time favorite Star Wars characters.

1954 Topps World On Wheels #68

I'm also a fan of any non-sport vintage cards... but I'm guessing he put this card into the package because it's has "Oakland" on it.

And this 2017 Archives Jeter Retrospective card honors one of my favorite cards from the past decade... the 2015 Topps Derek Jeter, which I've written about before here and here.

Then it hit me... the Nola is a set need.  With him out of the way... I'm down to needing only one more card: Mr. Brandon Crawford.

Within days of receiving The Commish's care package, I ran into Mr. Haverkamp at the Serramonte Mall Sports Card, Toys, and Collectibles Show, where we exchanged some cardboard.

He helped me get four steps closer to completing my 2013 Allen and Ginter Across the Years set with these:

Plus... he helped me cross off three more cards on my 1986 Donruss set wantlist:

Thank you Commish and Mr. Haverkamp for the cards.  It was a healthy reminder that I collect more than just Rickey Henderson and Jose Altuve autographs.  I'm a set builder too.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Like the town dunce that I am I left a note I wrote about what I enclosed on my desk when I packaged up that envelope. You got it figured out though. That 'Oakland' card was in there for exactly the reason you figured.

    Happy 4th!!

  2. You're more than welcome....thx back to you for all the Ginter minis and Schmidts. Could not id one of the Schmidt cards (it was blank backed), but I dug deep and found it was cut as the advertisement card on the top of the vending box...so I am considering it as a new card to me!

  3. That's one of my favorite Jeters as well. Doesn't get any better than that

  4. I collect way too much stuff. Whenever I get home (to stay)I think I will be doing some house cleaning!

  5. commish - the fact that you wrote a note is appreciated. thank you for the cards. i have the oakland roadster on display in front of my computer.

    mr haverkamp - i'm glad there was something in there you could use. if i come across any ginter minis i don't need... consider them yours.

    sport card collectors - i know. how often is a guy's final plate appearance a walk off hit... and how often is it captured on cardboard. great stuff.

    john miller - as soon as i catch up on game of thrones that's exactly what i plan on doing