30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Do Not Touch or Smell!

Graded cards.  Some people like them.  Most people don't.  Well... at least according to the people who commented on my "graded card" post six years ago.

I was somewhere in the middle back then and I'm somewhere in the middle right now.

When it comes to vintage... especially my 1956 Topps hall of famers... I prefer them to be slabbed.  I know... I know.  The plastic case prevents me from touching and smelling my sixty-one year old piece of cardboard.  However three things ultimately swayed me to turn to the dark side:

#1:  Peace of Mind (in regards to authenticity and alterations)

#2:  Protection

#3:  Resale Value

Before I'm bombarded with hate... let me assure you that I have no immediate plans to sell any cards... especially this specific collection.  But if I ever need (or want) to, I personally feel it's easier to sell a graded vintage card than a non-graded one.  And based on my research and bidding history... I feel that they've held their value over time better than most of the stuff I purchase.

With that being said... let me introduce one of my latest additions to my 1956 Topps Cooperstown collection:

I was hoping to win this auction for less than $100, but four bids within the last minute was the difference between $86.86 and the my high bid of $104.  Add an additional $4 for shipping and I walked away spending $108.

Remember the shopping spree that took place back in early June to help me cope with my best friend moving to Oregon?  Well this purchase was part of it.

Sure it's a lot of money to spend on a single card... but I could have easily spent that much at a nice steak house or on a hobby box of this year's Archives baseball.  In hindsight... I'd take the Mays over either of those things.

What about you?  Given the choice between a 1956 Topps Willie Mays, a $108 gift card to a steakhouse of your choice, or a hobby box of 2017 Topps Archives (you're required to bust)...

Which one would you choose?

I have really wanted this card for awhile now... and it's nice to cross it off My Most Wanted list.  The Koufax from this set has replaced Mays... however due to a stricter hobby budget... it's more likely I'll target the Whitey Ford or Yogi Berra next.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Definitely the card you want versus a wildcard box.

  2. That specific box? Hard for me to say as a non-traditional baseball collector. But I could never bring myself to spend $100 on a single steak or card. (at least, not anymore...I've done it a few times in the past, but now I'm mostly at a $20 limit). If I could use the steakhouse coupon to feed my family a couple times, that is what I would take.

    Vintage cards are great, no question, but I just can't justify spending that much money on a single thing.

  3. I can cook many steaks myself for $108.
    I have everything I need from 2017 Archives except a base Cutch and the black 1/1.
    Definitely the Willie Slab.

  4. Well done my friend well done

  5. I would take the Wille Mays card every time without even having to think about it.

  6. I'll take the single card at that price (be it a Mays or a Koufax for me personally or anything guaranteed to be enjoyed by the person) over the randomness of the box.

    Also, I can partake in multiple meals for $108 so that's a hard no as well haha.

  7. Obviously the '56 Mays. I can see slabbing a card from that time period if you could see selling at some point. I don't plan to sell any of my '56 cards so they're all free as a bird.

  8. I'm not a fan of graded cards, but if I was purchasing high end vintage I would want it to be slabbed. Lots of fakes of the big time cards.

    As for your question I'm always going to choose the sure thing. I love opening boxes, but the Mays card is something you want. You buy that Archives box and you could get a Skip Bayless auto.

  9. Mays...steakhouse...archives. In that order.

    I've free'd nearly all my slabbed cards because I like holding them in my grubby hands or they are going into set binders. I think my still-slabbed stuff is mostly odd sized like signed postcards and my oddball, expensive Billy Pierce items that I don't have a good way to store without possibly damaging them.

  10. You made the right choice in my mind. Go with the tangible items.

  11. It'd be hard to pass up that Mays card. You made a good call.

  12. Steakhouse / Mays / Archives
    With the steakhouse card I would take my wife on a date. Cardboard Willie is pretty cool, but I'm never going to love him. It's not like he's George Brett or something... :-)

  13. I don't mind the PSA and Beckett (not BCCG) but I hate all those third grading companies.

  14. Oh,and I'd choose the Hobby box.I can't own expensive cards anymore,they would end up being sold in a pinch.

  15. Well done and totally worth the choice. I've never felt I had my money's worth paying over 100 for a meal and boxes can be hit or miss but a sure thing for your cash....totally worth it. Beautiful addition to your collection and best of luck with the rest of those wants.

  16. Final tally:
    Mays: 10
    Steak: 1.5
    Box: 2.5

    Matthew Scott - Lol... I just picked up a Bayless on eBay today.

    Commish - I've freed a few myself and originally had planned to free the 56's. Then I thought about the resale factor. Most likely these would be one of the last things I sold off... but if I ever decide to, they'll be easier to sell.