30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Shopping Spree

I've spent way too much money on my collection the past two months.  At least some of that money made its way into fellow blogger's pockets.

Purchase #1: Sumo Menko and Card Checklist  $65.57 ($4.99 shipping)

Ryan over at Japanese Sumo Wrestling Cards and Menko recently published the 4th Edition of his sumo checklist book.  It's jam packed with over 300 pages of checklists, set information, and beautiful colored photos.

I don't think I'll ever consider myself a diehard sumo card collector, but the perfect opportunity to support him after he's sent me several care packages in the past.

Great job Ryan!  This book is proudly displayed in my family room as a conversation piece.

Purchase #2:  IP/TTM Autographs  $20 (+ $3 shipping)

Earlier in the month, Tom over at The Angels, In Order offered a huge selection of IP (in person) and TTM (through the mail) autographs at a buck a piece.

There were a bunch of great names from the 80's, so I reached out and grabbed these twenty:

He still has a bunch left.  If you're interested, click here.

At some point, I must have mentioned in a blog post or left a comment on his blog about wanting to start a Jim Abbott collection, because he sent me a huge stack of his cards:

Thanks Tom!  My Abbott PC is officially on its way.

Purchase #3:  San Francisco Giants Lot  $30 (+ $3 shipping)

The last blogger purchase I made was off of Greg over at Plaschke Thy Sweater Is Argyle.  He was offering up team lots, so I asked him to look into some San Francisco Giants cards for my students.  He sent over a nice stack of cards that included inserts, parallels, and rookie cards.

Unfortunately I already dropped them off in my classroom, so I don't have any pictures.  I did however keep one card for my own collection:

I don't like the Giants, but I'm a big fan of Posey and his bat.  I've slowly been picking up his rookie cards here and there.  I can now officially cross off his Topps base rookie card.

Thanks Greg!

Well that's it for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. The auto cards look especially sweet laid out like that. Thanks for helping out.

  2. The Angels In Order - I had been looking for autographs of a few of these guys for years. Thanks again Tom!

    Greg Zakwin - Glad we were able to help each other out. Thanks again Greg!