30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Symbol of Courage

When I think of 50's baseball cards, the first thing that pops into my head is the 1956 Topps set.  It's been my favorite set design for quite some time and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

So when I read the Day 9 topic in Tony's 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge, which is to show off one of your favorite cards from the 1950's, it would make sense for me to choose a card from this set.

Well today I'm feeling rebellious and decided to go with my 1959 Topps card of Roy Campanella:

1959 Topps #550

I remember seeing it sitting in the display case at the card shop I worked at in the early 90's and thinking what an amazing card.  Who can't appreciate a card honoring the courage of one of baseball's greatest catchers?  Plus the combination of the card's title, "Symbol of Courage" and seeing Campanella in his wheelchair with a huge smile on his face automatically makes me smile and feel inspired.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this card was fetching close to $100 back in the day and at the time I was a struggling college student making less than $5 an hour.

Two decades later, this card was still a "dream card" sitting in my Top 10 Wantlist, until one day Commishbob (a.k.a. The Five Tool Collector) generously donated this beautiful card to my collection.

Today it not only serves as a Symbol of Courage, it's also a Symbol of Generosity within our hobby and community.

That's why it'll always be one of my favorite baseball cards from the 1950's... even if it's not part of the beautiful 1956 Topps set.

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. This card made it into my 30-Day Challenge as well. I finally found a copy in my price range, and I couldn't be happier about that.

  2. It is a great card that I admired for a long time before adding to my collection as well. Good choice!

  3. Fuji I'm glad you're still enjoying this one. Knowing that makes my day much better. I love it too. Such a neat offbeat card.

  4. nick - great minds think alike. it's truly a great card.

    gcrl - thanks. figured there'd be at least one dodger fan who'd comment on this post

    commishbob - of course. it's truly one of my favorite cards in the collection. the fact that it was generously donated to me by a fellow blogger makes it that much more special.