30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, November 4, 2013

Symbol of Generosity

I'm sure most of you have experienced first hand the generosity that travels around our cardboard blogging community.  And as I write this post, I'm still in a state of shock when I reflect on the package I received six days ago.  I'm sure most of you know fellow blogger:  Commishbob.  He's the guy who leaves amazing comments on your blog that aren't your average, everyday comment.  They're mini history lessons.

And so are his blog posts.  Please take a few minutes to head over to blogs and see for yourself:  The Five Tool Collector, '59 Topps: One F/G Card at a Time, and 1963 Topps Baseball.

Okay...now that you're back, let's continue with today's post that highlights a few of the cards The Commish sent to me last week in a very generous "just because" care package.

I'll start off with a card from one of my favorite sets... of a hall of fame player on my favorite baseball team:

1972 Topps #435

Next up is a card that I've been meaning to add to my collection for awhile now.  It's a rookie card of two fan favorites and a huge addition to my Oakland A's PC.

1970 Topps #21

When I was a kid, The Brady Bunch was my favorite show to watch.  And one of my favorite episodes was the one with this guy:

1969 Topps #400

If you're interested... you can view the episode on Bing.  Go on... check out The Big D... Don Drysdale.

Okay... moving along.  Are you a fan of Cardboard with Character?  Then you'll love this Frank Robinson card with a nice dark stain on the back.  

1970 Topps #700

It's pure awesomeness!  I actually sniffed it to figure out if it was oil, chocolate, or something else.  Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out what that dark matter is.

The following card inspired me to do a little research.  After my investigation... I discovered that this isn't the famous blogger.

1976 Topps #568

But it's still a sweet card.  I love those old school Astros uniforms and the way Topps utilized pink during the 70's.

What the heck is Carlos Carrasco doing among all of these awesome, vintage pieces of cardboard?  Well... it's the final puzzle piece for my 2013 Topps Mini set:

But the generosity didn't end there.  If everything above wasn't already totally awesome and appreciated... he threw one more card into the care package.  It's a card that fits into several different PC's and until last week was listed in my Top 10 want list.

Without further adieu...

1959 Topps #550 Roy Campanella

When I pulled this card out of the package, I sat there at my desk starstruck.  I have wanted this card since I was a little kid and I'm still amazed that I'm now the proud owner of it.

Thank you so much for these amazing cards Mr. Commish.  You sir are a Symbol of Generosity and I will definitely be gathering up and shipping out some Baltimore Orioles for your collection.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Fuji, I'm glad you like the cards. I've decided that some of my cards, particularly ones that I've upgraded for various collections need to be out in the world making someone else happy. ;-)

    And you certainly don't need to go out and get something together for me, you already sent me a great package several months ago. This was in response to that gift. And now I KNOW I took too long because you forgot I 'owed' you this one >LOL

    The Rob Andrews card is my version of the famous Fuji card. My name on a baseball card. Sadly it's not me, although I did meet him once at an Astros function.

    1. The Rob Andrews card is awesome and it's now sitting next to some HOFers in my vintage baseball binder. As for owing me anything... I'm pretty sure you didn't owe me THIS much.

      I'll send something your way anyways... because I too want to be a symbol of generosity ;-)

  2. That was one sweet vintage package. Very cool of the Commish to send you all those amazing cards!

  3. Love waking up, checking out some posts, and seeing a bunch of vintage. Good start to the day.

  4. Commishbob was the first blogger with whom I've traded. And he was very kind with me. Great honour in that trade.
    Rob Andrews Astros rainbow with the pink card label is a candy to the eye.