30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, May 19, 2017

One Sweet Buyback and Way Too Much

Back in March, I made a two card purchase at my local flea market which involved a 2005 Playoff Prestige Red Foil parallel of Steve Garvey that was serial numbered to 25.  I grew up being a fan of Garvey... especially during his years with the San Diego Padres in the mid 80's.  Unfortunately Garvey wasn't representing the Padres on this particular card.

Fortunately for Jim over at Cards As I See Them, this happened to be a card he needed for his Garvey collection.

So I packaged Mr. Clean up and shipped him off in a PWE to a loving home that would take care and appreciate him.

A few weeks later, I received a fat package of cards from Jim that was completely unnecessary... and way too much compensation for a single card I found for a buck at the flea market.

Let's kick things off with this sweet 1972 Topps buyback card of Vida Blue:

This card combines four things I love:  1972 Topps baseball cards, Vida Blue, the Oakland A's, and a great action shot.  By itself, this card would have been a fair trade.

Throw in these two cards and I officially feel guilty:

Both of these cards are new additions to the collection.  On the left is the 20th Nomo relic in my collection, while the one on the right is a 2009 Topps Tribute Gwynn card numbered to only 99.

These three cards were only the tip of the iceberg though.  Here's the other cards he included in the package:

Thanks Jim for this awesome package!  Guess the ball is back in my yard.  I'll be throwing something your way soon.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. Love that Vida Blue buyback Fuji! Great card.

  2. nope, we are even in my eyes. thanks again for giving up the flea market garvey find!