30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, August 15, 2016

End of Summer Box Break

My summer break is officially over.  I reported back to work this morning and spent the day lesson planning and sitting in meetings.  Wednesday is the big day... when I'll meet my 160 seventh graders.

Fun.  Fun.  Fun.

In preparation for my return to the classroom, I went to the wholesaler last week and picked up two boxes that were on sale:  2013 Panini Prizm Draft Picks ($28) and 2013 Topps Supreme ($39).

Normally I'm not a fan of Panini products... especially their draft stuff... but I needed some Yankees prospect cards for Kenny over at Torren' Up Cards.  The wholesaler had 2014 boxes available as well... but the 2013 was more affordable.  In the end... being cheap paid off, because I pulled my very first Kris Bryant autograph.

In addition to the Bryant, I also pulled a Katoh autograph for my Japanese PC and two other guys I've never heard of.

Kenny... the Michael O'Neill is yours.  One problem... I forgot to put it inside of your care package... so you'll need to wait for the next round which will probably ship out during either Thanksgiving or Christmas break.

Here are the rest of the inserts and parallels from that box:

The Topps Supreme box was kind of a bust, but I knew this was one of those high risk kind of breaks going into it.

I was a little disappointed to see Fielder featured in his Yankees pinstripes.  It's like pulling an autograph of Rickey Henderson and seeing him wearing a Dodgers jersey.

Oh well... I can't complain too much.  He was fun to watch back in the 80's and this is my very first autograph of him.

I'll wrap things up by updating everyone on the status of care package construction.  I know I'm a little tardy... but I should have packages shipped out to the following bloggers by the end of the week: The Lost Collector, Cards on Cards, GCRL, Oddball Card, Torren' Up Cards, Dawg Day Cards, 1975 Baseball Cards, The Angels In Order, The Underdog Card Collector, Night Owl, Too Many Verlanders, Jay Barker Fan, Waiting 'Til Next Year, Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary, and KevAlan (CCW).

Packages range from flat rate boxes to PWE's.  I apologize for the delay.  Sorting and organizing took a lot longer than I anticipated.  Plus I needed to go out and restock some of my trade bait.

If by chance I owe you a care package and you don't see your name on this list... please email me or leave a comment below.  The good news is I always pay off my debts.  The bad news is my next round of packages probably won't ship out until my Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. Oh man that box of Prizm is the bee's knee's. Congrats on the Bryant!

    And thanks for O'Neill. I appreciate it ;).

  2. That Bryant card is pretty nice. Congrats on the nice pull. Speaking of packages, I'm working on a nice batch of stuff for you that will probably go out sometime near Halloween or thereafter.

  3. I was hoping to pull one of those Bryants when that product first came out - nice hit out a $30 box.

  4. Pulling a Bryant will make any box, but then I guess I'm pretty biased. Summer break always ends far too soon.

  5. You start school early out there. We don't start until the first week of September here in NY.

  6. Any break is a good break. I would have dug that Fielder in an Angels uniform.

  7. That Big Daddy is sweet! That's a fun break.

  8. Nice Bryant pull-I can forgive Panini if I pull that-Steve Bean-in 2013 there was a chance he could become the Redbirds' Catcher of the future-but alas I don't that is going to happen. Thought I read he is weak in defense.

  9. That Bryant guy is pretty good. Congrats!

  10. My wife and kids start school next week. None of them seem particularly excited about it.

    It's always nice to pull an autograph of a hot player. It would have been nice if your Supreme break had gone a little better, but overall I'd say you did okay.

  11. Congrats. Sounds like you need an assistant!

  12. I wouldn't mind a mail day haha.

    Great pull on the Bryant and you can get some serious steals on Panini products. I have been pushing that for years. They pack a ton of value.

  13. Man, that KB is so rad. Hes the only current Cub that I don't have a certified auto of.

  14. Zippy - Your big package went out yesterday... and should arrive either Monday or Tuesday. I'll go ahead and PWE the O'Neill... so you should get it later in the week.

    Adam S. - No rush. No worries. That's going to be my new philosophy... to help reduce my trading anxiety.

    Laurens - Thanks. It was a pleasant surprise.

    Tony B. - I really need to take one of these summers off and spend some time away from the classroom. Only drawback is I'll end up making less money... but spending more of it.

    Billy K. - The high schools out here started a week earlier than me. Back when I was a kid, I'm pretty sure most of the public schools in my area started in September like you guys. Not sure why we start so early. Maybe it's b/c we get more breaks during the year. Who knows.

    Angels In Order - Lol. Had no clue that Fielder played with the Angels.

    TLC - Thanks. After checking out singles on COMC and eBay... I realize that my break could have been worse. I'm okay walking away with Fielder.

    Brady - If I didn't ship the Bean to Card on Cards... I'll bring it to you next month.

    Greg Z. - Thanks

    Matthew S. - Never heard of the guy... thanks for the heads up ;)

    RAZ - Yeah... I was hoping to pull a HOF. Actually... the biggest disappointment was finding out the cards weren't on-card autographs.

    R Laughton - I wonder if my TA's would be upset if I had them sort and package cards instead of correct tests ;)

    Sport Card Collectors - I'd never bust Panini baseball products for my personal collection... but I'm glad there are enough collectors out there who do appreciate their stuff. I'll definitely keep you in mind during my next round of care packages.

    Patrick S. - I've gotten lucky with Cubs this year. My two best autograph pulls were KB and Schwarber (from Archives).