30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Expired and Desired

These days... I don't buy and break many boxes.  However when I actually do... there are few things worse than pulling a redemption card.  You can spare me the arguments for companies using them.  I've heard them and still dislike them.

But there was a time... when I actually looked forward to finding one.  Back in the 90's... before relics and autographs took over the hobby, card companies would insert exchange cards into their packs every now and then.  And believe it or not... it sort of felt like you hit the lottery if you found one.

The first one I remember chasing was the 1992-93 Upper Deck Trade Card, which could be redeemed for the ultra hot Shaquille O'neal rookie card.  A few years later, I remember beating the odds and pulling a 1995-96 Skybox Metal Skymint exchange card.  These were inserted into one out of every 360 packs and could be sent in for a special coin card of Joe Sakic.  The following year, they produced one for Brett Favre too.

Back in 1996, Favre was at the top of his game.  He had just won his first MVP Award and Skybox produced another highly sought after exchange card.  This time it was part of a special five card insert set that highlighted different cardboard technologies for the era.  Four of the five cards were found in packs of Skybox Premium and Skybox Impact.

However the final insert required collectors to acquire two different exchange cards... one from each product.  Today... the Skybox Impact exchange cards are pretty plentiful, however the ones out of Skybox Premium are very hard to find for a couple of reasons.

#1:  They were tough to pull.  Possibly one per case.
#2:  The ones that were pulled back in the day were redeemed.

Go ahead... check for yourself.  I've only come across a handful over the past seven years and they all commanded a decent dime.  Then earlier this month, I found one with a Buy It Now price of $.99 (+ $2.71 shipping) and after a few clicks of my mouse... I have finally crossed this sucker off of my wantlist.

Imagine that.  A seven year search for an expired redemption card.  Crazy, right?  But it's over and now my 1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP set is officially complete.  

Here's what it looks like...

#1: Foil

This is my least favorite card in the set.  It's pretty much Skybox's version of Black Diamond.

#2: Acrylic

This card is pretty sweet.  But aren't most sports cards that are made from plastic?

#3: Lenticular

This was the card Skybox sent you if you redeemed both exchange cards.  If you like Sportsflics and Kellogg's cards, then you'll appreciate the 3D effect this card gives collectors.  It's hands down my favorite card in the set.

#4: Diecut

This card is hard to appreciate unless you're holding it in your hands, but Skybox did an amazing job with this card.  I know it would defeat the purpose, but I kinda wish they matted this card on another piece of cardboard... sort of like UD Masterpieces.

#5: Leather

Last, but not least is the card made from leather.  If I wasn't such a "lenticular" lunatic... this card would be my favorite.  I mean... just look at the scan.  Kinda makes me feel like card companies have regressed over the past two decades in terms of cardboard technology.

One thing they've mastered though... is their use of redemption cards:

Happy Tuesday and sayonara!


  1. Patience is a virtue. The proof is right there in the last photo.

    Well done Fuji!

  2. I hate Favre but congrats anyways.

  3. I am not favre fan either, but I do love leather cards.

  4. Nice cards.

    And I agree that redemptions are a pain. I know a guy who opened two boxes of 2010 Bowman Chrome baseball, only to pull redemptions of refractor autographs of Stephen Strasburg and Jason Kipnis. His therapy bills are through the roof right now.

  5. What a great feeling when you find a long sought after card on the cheap!

    I wasn't a box breaker but will be when my 2015 mini set gets here soon!

    Also I dig the Sportsflics and learned a new word today, thanks.

  6. You almost make me want to collect football cards, almost. Beautiful cars.

    1. do it brady. join the dark side of the force. are you a rams fan? if so, I'll get your collection started off.

  7. robert & hackenbush - thanks guys

    jon - yeah, that leather card is really cool.

    zippy - wow. i hope topps sent him at least something. if not, i'm going to need therapy too.

    steve - thanks... definitely felt good. have fun digging through that mini set (i missed the boat).