30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Night Five: Card Show Carepackages

Two familiar faces dropped by my table at last weekend's Serramonte Mall Sports Cards, Toys, and Collectibles Show.

Early in the day, Brady from St. Louis Cardinals' Cardboard walked up.  We hung out and talked about baseball and baseball cards.  He pulled out of his bag a 100ct. slider box and a handful of sleeved singles and handed them over.

Brady definitely covered all of the bases.  He included singles for just about every PC I have and tonight I'm going to share a few of them.

#1:  1997 Bowman Chrome International Refractor #163

This might just be my favorite refractor set of all-time.  This card is so beautiful and shiny.  

#2:  1992 Hot Wheels Pro Circuit #4 Kenny Bernstein

I've never been into funny cars... and to be honest, I never really dove into collecting Hot Wheels either.  But you take the two and put them on cardboard and you have an oddball that's fit for my PC.

#3:  1991 Fleer Ultra Stickers

I love Fleer stickers and have actually saved every one I've come across over the past seven years.  During that time, I have never seen one of these.  After a little research, I figured out that they were included in every pack of 1991 Fleer Ultra Baseball.  The funny thing is... I busted a ton of this stuff back in the day.  I guess twenty-four years was just enough time for me to forget.

#4:  Baseball Corner Business Card

This has to be the coolest business card I've ever held.  I tried to look up the card shop, but can't seem to find any information on it.  Oh well... the memory of this guy's card shop will live forever on this blog.

#5:  1973 Topps #322

Last month, I showed off my Garry Maddox rookie card in my birthday post.  My original copy was the furthest thing from mint.  It has been taped, trimmed, peeled, stained, and off-centered.  But thanks to Mr. Haverkamp, I'm now the proud owner of a clean, autographed copy.

Thanks you guys!  Look forward to seeing the both of you in January at the next show.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. I am thinking I need my own business cards with me doing some social work stuff-

    1. You've got my vote. I'd totally be willing to trade for a copy.