30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pretty Impressive

Yesterday the students at my school met Mr. Richard Santana... a motivational speaker who talks about his real life transition from gang member to Harvard graduate.  It was one of the best assemblies I've ever witnessed.  He single handedly inspired a bunch of my students to think about their choices, while bestowing hope.  It's what I try to do in my classroom over the course of the school year... but I've gotta admit... it was pretty darn impressive to see this guy do it in 45 minutes.

Wanna know what else is impressive?  Check out the latest bobble head purchase...

One of my co-workers went to the game last weekend and sold it to me for $20.  It's totally Wookie-licious!

Wrapping up this post are some impressive pieces of cardboard from retired blogger... GCRL:

Always happy to add new cards of Hudson, Mulder, and Zito to the my collection.  Jim also threw in this ticket stub from last month's Twins vs. Tigers game.

It's my first ticket stub featuring Kurt Suzuki and it's now hanging up in my office.  Unfortunately Suzuki was less than impressive and went hitless that day... and the Tigers ended up beating them 7 to 4.

Happy Saturday and sayonara!


  1. Instructing the youth to carefully consider their futures. I wish I got that talk when I was younger, dumber and full(er?) of... stuff.

    Nice bobble head. I like how Chewbacca's on the helmet like he just decapitated some Giant and is now perching his foot on the Giant head triumphantly.

  2. I too wish I was introduced to a speech like that thirty yrs ago. You get to wear saddles to work. Too cool

  3. Zippy - Now that you pointed that out... it totally looks that way. I'm okay with it though... since I'm not a fan of the Giants.

    Mr. Hoyle - My principal is pretty cool. My standard work attire is a hoodie or t-shirt, cargo shorts, and flip flops except of course on back to school night, open house, and parent/teacher conferences.

  4. Sometimes, I think even we adults can use those motivational speakers to push ourselves to get out of a rut. Thanks for posting that.

    1. Very true. Mr. Santana definitely impacted more than the students that day.