30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, May 8, 2015

My Fantastic Four

There are still a few more hours left to cast your vote on the four greatest living players in MLB history over at MLB.com.  It's actually been a lot of fun seeing peoples' responses, so I figured I'd go ahead and share my vote with all of you.

My first three picks were fairly easy, since they're three of the greatest of all-time... regardless of being dead or alive.

Hank Aaron
16x20 Signed Photo Steiner Certified

Willie Mays
8x10 Signed Photo Say Hey Authenticated

Barry Bonds
2001 Fleer Legacy Hat

Okay... so I know that some people will disagree with my Barry vote.  But the guy has 7 MVP Awards (most all-time), 12 Silver Slugger Awards (most all-time), 8 Gold Glove Awards, and has the most home runs in MLB history... so I just can't keep him off of my list.

Which brings me to my fourth and final spot.  This was tough, because I wanted to include at least one pitcher on this list.  The problem?  There were just too many to choose from and I honestly couldn't pick between Maddux, Clemens, Seaver, and Koufax.

I also considered including Pete Rose on this list, since he's the All-Time Hit King... and even Alex Rodriguez.

However when it came down to it, I decided to be a homer and pick one of my all-time favorite players...

Rickey Henderson
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The Man of Steal is the greatest leadoff hitter of all-time, because he knew how to get on base and create runs.  And I never realized that he almost had 300 career home runs.  The guy was a threat to score whenever he stepped up to the plate.

Okay.  It's your turn.

Step up to the plate and tell us who you think the four greatest living baseball players are.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. Nice core four ;).

    Honestly I'm too disinterested in major league baseball to come up with a top four, at least not seriously. Although I'll try I guess.
    Tony Sanchez, Dioner Navarro, Tim Federowicz and Francisco Cervelli. The greatest catchers the 21st century has to offer.

  2. Mays, yeah. Aaron, yeah. I picked Sandy Koufax and wrote in Pete Rose. Tom Seaver but no Nolan Ryan?

  3. Nothing wrong with Rickey. I still say Henderson is the best player I ever saw.

  4. Greatest living players for me: Aaron, Mays, Henderson, and Mike Schmidt. Yeah, I said it. Best third baseman ever, without question, deserves to be in the discussion. My problem with Bonds is that yes, prior to steroids, he was an excellent player. Without steroids, though, he doesn't get to 7 MVPs, to Aaron's home run record, or to 12 Silver Slugger awards.

    I would have liked to include a pitcher, but none of the living pitchers make the cut. So, in my group, I have the best clean home run hitter, the best combination hitter/fielder (Mays), the best leadoff man/base stealer ever, and the best third baseman ever.

  5. Aaron and Mays have to be in there. It is funny because the next three that I would probably choose would be Bonds, Clemens and Arod. With that being said I think I would keep Bonds on the list and add Rickey Henderson. Rickey was such a unique player. Could you imagine him playing now. The sabemetrics folks heads would explode trying to pick who is better between Trout and Henderson.

  6. zippy - nice core four ;)

    rob's cards - I strongly debated on pulling rickey for pete... such a close decision. As for ryan... yeah, he belongs in the group of pitchers mentioned... but still not on my list.

    night owl - saw henderson a lot as a kid. easily my favorite player in the early 80's... until he became a yankee. best player i ever watched? for me... i'd probably say bonds. but then again... that's just opening up a can of worms.

    tony - totally forgot about schmidt... nice call. although he'd be in that outside group looking in for me.

    matthew - oakland could really use a modern day rickey. heck... my padres could use one too.