30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flea Market Finds #83: Bunch of Blippity Bleep

When: Saturday, May 16th
Where:  Branham Flea Market
What:  Heap of Haphazardness
How much?: $22

I'm proud to be a bargain hunter.  Some people use drugs to get that rush.  Others exercise.  Me?  I track down bargains.

The problem is... I often end up purchasing stuff I don't really need.  That's exactly what happened last weekend.

Purchase #1:  1996 Zenith Racing Wax Box $7

Do I own racing cards?  Yes.  Do I actively collect them?  Not really.  But for $7, it's a cheap box break the next time I'm bored.

Purchase #2:  1994 Tamiya Kawanishi N1K1 Model Kit $6

Do I build models?  No.  Do I plan on learning?  No.  But I love the box design and will make room on my Japan shelf in my office.

Purchase #3:  Forever Dan Marino Bobble $3

Do I like Dan Marino?  Yeah.  Do I collect Dan Marino?  Kinda.  I mean... I have a section in my insert binder for him.  But the only reason I purchased this bobble head is because it was $3.  I might try flipping this next month at the De Anza Flea Market.

Purchase #4:  Deluxe Dirty Words Board Game $1

Do I collect board games?  No.  Do I play board games?  Not often.  Do I plan on playing this board game?  Definitely not.  I purchased this, because it's sealed... it's from 1979... and it cost me a buck.  I'll be flipping this.

Purchase #5:  Sports Cards $5

Do I like 90's inserts and parallels?  Yes sir.  Do I like cheap 90's inserts and parallels?  Yup.  Do I like cheap 90's inserts and parallels of players I actually collect?  Hell yeah!

Here are some of the highlights...

1996 Ultra Call to the Hall #3

Were there a bunch of Gwynns?  No.  Don't I already have this card?  Maybe.  Was I glad to see this card in the stacks?  Very much so.

1992 Ultra All-Star #3

Another Ultra card?  Yep.  Whoever sold these to me had an obsession with 90's Ultra products, which is okay with me.  1992 happens to be my favorite year for Ultra baseball.

Wait.  There were other sports too?  Of course.  But most of it was hockey and baseball.  Nothing that's going to allow me to retire early, but pretty cool cards nonetheless.

1996 Metal Platinum #107

What's my favorite card in the lot?  You're looking at it.  Back in the 90's, I though Fleer Metal was gaudy and a bit too much.  But these days, I just can't get enough.  

This post is starting to drag on and on.  Shouldn't you wrap it up?  Yeah.

Happy Thursday and sayonara!


  1. Out of curiosity how much hand sanitizer should you bring to a swap meet/flea market?

    1. I'm a germaphobe... so I have one of those small Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers in my backpack. I use it at least two to three times per trip.

  2. I have some Metal Universe base cards and Platinums if you're set building. And even if you're not...

  3. I'm sure I'm in the minority on this, but I'd like to see some of those Pinnacle Zenith Winston Cup cards whenever you do bust the wax. 1996 falls during the period where I was actively following NASCAR (if not collecting anymore) and I'd like to see what you get.

  4. I've never opened Nascar. I'm sure if I did I would be excited to open a box, but after I was finished I'll be like "now what do I do with these."......

  5. Would be an interesting story of how the Marino bobble head got to a flea market in San Jose. Love the 90s inserts but the Cardinals were pretty crappy for a good part of that decade so there isn't much out there for Cardinals' collectors.