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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Flea Market Finds #82: Bobbles, a Box of Cards, & a Helmet

The best thing about my weekly excursions to the flea market are finding hidden treasures at bargain basement prices.  Unfortunately these flea market finds are getting harder to find with each passing week.

But that's okay, because I probably shouldn't be spending money on things I don't really need.  Plus it's also nice to get out, exercise, and if I'm lucky... take a stroll down memory lane.  This past Sunday, I did just that when I discovered this Playskool Alphie from 1978:

Although I don't remember who bought it for me or what it even did, I remember owning one.  Maybe R2-D2 wasn't the first robot I owned.  Anyways... the guy wanted $5 for it, which I felt was fair.  But then I though about it.  Do I really want to start buying every toy I owned from my childhood?  And where the heck would I keep all of these toys?

So I passed on it... and ended up buying some other stuff.

When: Sunday, May 3rd
Where: Capitol Flea Market
What: Two Bobble Heads and an Autographed Mini Helmet
How much?$33

Purchase #1: Ichiro and Tony La Russa Bobble Heads $8

I just can't pass up reasonably priced bobble heads... especially if they're of people I actually collect.  The Ichiro is one of those super high quality bobble heads produced by Forever Collectibles.  I own my fair share of bobble heads and this is probably the most detailed.  It's so solid, you could probably be used as a weapon.  However it'd be a shame to hit something or someone with it, because I wouldn't want to damage this hand painted bobble which is numbered out of 1,008.

The La Russa isn't nearly as nice or limited, but it's a stadium giveaway and I couldn't pass up adding my 2nd A's skipper to my office shelf.

Purchase #2: Jerry Rice Signed Mini Helmet $25

Remember the guy with the vintage baseball cards from a few weeks back?  He's the guy who isn't a fan of the internet.  Anyways this time around he had a collection of autographed Oakland Raiders helmets.

He works at the Santa Clara Convention Center and over the years, he's had his nephew grab autographs for him when the players sign at the annual GTSM Sports Memorabilia shows.  Some of the helmets were pretty beat up, but I really liked the Rice.

There's no COA, but I compared it to his certified signatures online and it looks good.  I'll submit it to PSA the next time they're set up at a local show.

I also went to the De Anza Flea Market on Saturday and picked up this $5 box of 1991 Pro Set Super Stars MusiCards:

And if you're a fan of Legos, then you might appreciate this...

WWII Imperial Japan Battleship: Yamato

This sucker was huge.  I'd say it was 10 to 12 feet in length.  Any guesses on how much the vendor wanted?  If you guessed $10,000... you're correct.  Crazy, right?  I never realized how expensive these toys were until I started picking up a few sets here and there.

Well that's it for now.  Today's question is...

What were some of the popular toys when you were growing up?

Happy Wednesday and sayonara!


  1. Man that Ichiro bobble head is awesome.

    And that LEGO Yamato is awesome too (although I'm probably biased in more ways than one lol).

    Some popular toys I had when I was growing up were video games (duh), LEGOs, Mighty Beans, Transformers action figures, Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Pokemon cards.

  2. I had Star Wars, He-Man, Transformers,G.I. Joe actions figures. My older brother had the 8inch (mego) Star Trek figures.

  3. While I never had Alphie, a few of my friends did. Alas, it was one of a whole childhood full of battery-powered toys I encountered, yet ever actually saw with batteries, much less with any of the cards that went with it. The Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport, y'know the one that wasn't in the movie, but every kid seemed to have? It was supposed to make all kinds of cool sounds, but I never saw one intact and noisy. Those remote-controlled Omni robots? Never saw one light up or move. Endless electronic baseball and football games, and I think I only remember one kid who ever had his working. Batteries were the scourge of toys from the 1970s-1990s.

  4. The first handheld electronic games came out when I was a kid, and Mattel Electronic Football was a popular one. I didn't own it myself, but several of my friends had it so I spent a lot of time playing with theirs. The general gist of the game was to guide your offensive player (a red LED) past the opposing team's defense (more red LEDs).

    About 10 years ago, I would guess, someone issued a "retro" version of the game, and I snapped up a copy. It was just how I remembered it... but unfortunately, it had not aged at all well. I quickly grew bored with it, but it still lingers in my house.

    ...Figured I'd give you a cautionary tale in case you had any Alfie regrets.

    1. I had that Mattel Electronic Football that you mentioned, and I played it to death as a kid. Then I graduated to Atari and playing Odyssey at a friend's house.

      I never got into toys that much. I really spent my disposable income (such that it was) on cards.

  5. $25 for a Rice helmet is a great deal. Hopefully PSA agrees that was a good deal....

  6. green Army Men, Lincoln Logs, Slinky, Play-Doh, G. I. Joe, board games (mine were Monopoly and especially Stratego) and the grand daddy of all toys....rod (table) hockey. I had a rod hockey game that we spent hour upon hour playing. And none of those 3D players either...I had the flat players, Montreal vs Toronto. And I don't mind saying I was damn good at it.

  7. TMNT!! Power Rangers. Man I miss some of my toys. I had a lot of Darkwing Duck as well. I wished my parents hadn't sold em all for $5. Some of those you can't even find for that.

  8. zippy - mighty beans and pokemon cards? you're definitely showing your age. but i guess my alpha did the exact same thing.

    barry - sounds like we grew up around the same time. i've never owned a mego, but i've seen them featured on comic book men a few times.

    jason - i loved my handheld football game. if you grew up around me, you definitely would have seen me playing it. as for those omnibots... there's a guy a my local flea market who had a bunch for sale. but you're right... i don't think they have batteries in them.

    shlabotnik - i could see how it would be pretty boring now... especially with today's video games. however when i was a kid, i played it a lot.

    tony - i had an atari... but always wanted an odyssey. at that age i was only buying star wars cards... and hadn't really discovered baseball cards.

    matthew - we'll find out. stay tuned.

    commishbob - lincoln logs... now that's a blast from the past. probably one of my all-time favorite toys when i was a kid. well... until star wars action figures came along.

    sports card collectors - i enjoyed tmnt... but didn't really have their toys. i've thought about picking up the tmnt lego set that has their van. as for power rangers and darkling duck... i'm pretty i've had former students who were into those.