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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Flea Market Finds #72: Box of Mags and Bag of Balls

When:  Sunday, September 28th
Where:  Capitol Flea Market
What:  Sports Magazines and Golf Balls
How Much?:  $12

The date isn't a mistake and your eyes aren't deceiving you.  I completely forgot to publish this post, so it's a couple of weeks late.  No biggie though.  My purchases that day weren't exactly earth shattering, but I still pretty content with what I walked away with.

Purchase #1:  Box of Sports Magazines $10

My buddy and I were walking around our usual route and hadn't found anything of significance, when we stumbled across a guy with a bunch of sports figures and magazines.  I'm pretty sure it was the same guy who sold me the sports binders a few weeks earlier.

While my friend was checking out the guy's Starting Lineups and comic figures, I waited patiently.  After a minute or so, I jumped in and began digging through boxes and eventually stumbled across this box of magazines:

The box was filled thirty-six sports related magazines that included...

Early issues of Sports Illustrated for Kids,

Super Bowl Programs and a variety of price guides from the early 90's... like Beckett Football, Baseball Cards Magazine, and Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly.

There was also a stack of price guides I had never seen or heard of before called: Dellaferas' Original Football Monthly.  They're pretty thin and don't have a lot of prices, but they included a football card gallery to help collector's identify their cards.

The guy had bought a storage unit and wanted $600 for all of his figures.  That was a bit too much for my buddy.  However he only wanted $10 for this box and after I saw the three Super Bowl Programs, I figured it was worth the price.  The five premier issues of Sports Illustrated for Kids were a nice bonus.

Purchase #2:  Duffel Bag of Golf Balls $2

The final purchase took place in the last section of the flea market... on the very last row.  That turned out to be a blessing, because this bag of balls was heavy and lugging it around the flea market would have been tiring.

Now I know what you're thinking... Do I really need 150+ used golf balls?  Not really.  But I probably buy four to six sleeves each year.  But that means I'll be set for at least the next few years.

I broke down and sorted the balls into four different categories...

Top Tier: Barely Used to New
2nd Tier: Used but Playable
3rd Tier: Practice Balls

And finally...

Bottom Tier:  Damaged and Dirty

These are the kind you let your dog chew on or the balls you tee off into the Pacific Ocean... but for two bucks, I'm not complaining.

Well that's it for now.  If this post was published on time... I should be in the middle of my normal Sunday flea market route.  If I buy anything... let's hope it doesn't take me another two weeks to write up a summary.

Happy Sunday and sayonara!


  1. Golf balls can be fun to collect as well. Remember this post?:
    BTW, is that a Sharks ball on the top in the first photo?

  2. $2?!? Wow, that duffel bag would be a lifetime supply for me. I buy used golf balls in grapefruit sacks but they run a lot more than $2. You made our like a bandit.

  3. Those golf balls would last me 1 round. I'm a really crappy golfer.