30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Friday, October 24, 2014

Big Buddy Bell and The Dead Presidents

When I wrote about my 1980 Topps Superstars earlier in the month, I mentioned how I'm a sucker for oversized oddballs... especially when they're of the older variety.  But what I failed to mention is how the checklist is loaded with guys I grew up studying.

I've always been fascinated with numbers... especially sports statistics.  Anyone remember the American League Red Books?  Or National League Green Books?  Those were some of the most popular titles on my bookshelf.

I'd sit there and flip through those books comparing hitters like Buddy Bell and Amos Otis...

Generously Donated By Mr. Hoyle

Both of these guys were solid hitters.  Both had respectable career batting averages.  Both were five time all-stars.  And both are members of the Baseball Hall of Really Good, but not quite Cooperstown Good.

When I wasn't analyzing contact hitters, I'd focus on the sluggers...

Generously Donated By Mr. Hoyle

Dave Kingman and Andre Thornton combined to hit nearly 700 home runs, while neither reached the .300 mark in their careers.

Unfortunately focusing only on statistics has its drawbacks.  Players like Rick Manning were never highlighted in the American League Red Book.

Generously Donated By Mr. Hoyle

He had a solid thirteen year career and won a Gold Glove Award in 1976, but many of his career highlights don't involve numbers.  They involve history.

Manning caught the final out in Len Barker's perfect game on May 15th, 1981.  Six years later, he hit a walk off single in the 10th inning to win the game for his Milwaukee Brewers, but was actually booed by his hometown fans.  The reason?  Paul Molitor was on deck, had gone 0 for 4 that day, and was looking for one more opportunity to extend his 39 game hitting streak.  I guess you can't please everyone.

Thank you Mr. Hoyle for helping me get five steps closer to completing my two 1980 Topps Superstar sets.  Not only that... but thank you for helping take a much needed trip back to my youth.

In addition to Mr. Hoyle's package, I also received some 1984 Campbell Taggart Know the Presidents trading cards in the mail last week...

Courtesy of Uncle Tiny (KevAlan over at CCW)

It's always cool to come across cards I've never seen before...

Courtesy of Uncle Tiny (KevAlan over at CCW)

Each card depicts the President's name, a painted portrait, and a scene from their time in office.

Courtesy of Uncle Tiny (KevAlan over at CCW)

However not all of the cards I received depicted Presidents who have passed away.  

Courtesy of Uncle Tiny (KevAlan over at CCW)

Uncle Tiny also included the one living President featured in the set and my very first White House trading card.  And if his generous package weren't enough... it also opened my eyes to a new Ronald Reagan card that I've officially added to my Top 10 Wantlist.

And rounding out this post is a very limited card of Josh Parry...

Courtesy of Uncle Tiny (KevAlan over at CCW)

Who the heck is Josh Parry?  He's the newest addition to my San Jose State Spartans PC.  Although he was never drafted, Parry played three years in the NFL for both the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks.

Thanks Uncle Tiny for reaching out to me and helping me out with two of my collections.  I tried my best to utilize Google, but have no idea what the answer is to your trivia question.  Any hints?  I'll gather some Astros for your collection and ship them out the next time I head out to the post office.

And Mr. Hoyle... I'm still replenishing my Red Sox stack, but as soon as it's a decent size, I'll ship it out.  Do you happen to collect any other teams or players?

Okay... time to go out and grab me some Jack In The Box tacos.  After another long work week, I've earned them.

Happy Friday and sayonara!


  1. I picked up bunch of these just to grab the Sox out of it. Glad they found a good home .

  2. I'm lovin those President cards. Gonna have to find me some.

  3. Prez cards are fabulous. Love them. And the Red and Green books...I always picked those up back in the day. I have a few someplace in my storage boxes.

    Jack tacos are great for when you are hungry but don't want to eat actual food.