30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Monday, September 8, 2014

Old Friends & New Cards

I'm not sure about you... but as a sports memorabilia collector I sort of live a double life.  There are people who know I collect and then there's everyone else.  Outside of all of the wonderful bloggers, YouTubers, and forum members I've interacted with over the past six years... I can pretty much count on my two hands the number of close friends or family members who know how much I love this hobby.  And out of all of those people, only one of them is actually involved himself.

But recently... that number doubled.  I just found out that one of my old buddies has started collecting cards again.  Awesome, right?  Can't have enough card collecting buddies.

Anyways... on Saturday we hung out at the De Anza Flea Market in search of cardboard.  He ended up walking away with three Oakland Raiders memorabilia cards... while I walked away with a freshly fried churro and this single pack of 2014 Topps Chrome baseball cards:

It was a gift from my buddy... and it represents the first pack of 2014 baseball product I've busted.

The pack contained a pair of Los Angeles Dodgers and a rookie card of a Chicago White Sox player not named Abreu.  The fourth card was this shiny insert of Justin Verlander:

I've always enjoyed collecting shiny Chrome cards... so this will make a nice addition to the Verlander page in my insert binder.  

Thanks Michael!  Welcome back to the hobby.  Can't wait to hang out again and talk sports cards.

Happy Monday and sayonara!


  1. You can have in person trades and box breaks now!

    1. Trades possibly... however not sure I'm ready to start busting boxes again.

  2. Next stop, Serramonte! No churros available there, probably.