30 Day Baseball Card Challenge

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I've Got Beaver Fever!

If you've ever checked out my website, then you probably know the spectrum of collectibles I hoard is vast and unpredictable.

Sure the heart of my collection is focused on sports cards.  But for the past thirty-something years, I've collected a variety of other things ranging from video games to action figures to comic books to LP's.  Trust me... I know I have issues.

Thankfully I have learned to control my urges... and for the most part, I've stopped buying ever good deal I stumble across at the flea market, card shows, and on eBay.

However... every now and then, I relapse and buy something completely random and not necessarily a necessity.

Introducing my collection of Leave it to Beaver baseballs:

Take a few seconds to laugh it out.  Need more time?  Okay.  Are you finished?  Now you're just being hurtful.  I know this isn't your ordinary collectible.

But that's exactly why I bid on this eBay auction when I stumbled across it.  Even though the show ended its run nine years before I was born, I watched the show religiously during my childhood through syndication.  Heck... I've even started watching the whole series over again on Netflix.

Unfortunately the autographs are slowly disappearing due to the ink and ball selection.  They were signed in the mid 90's for a Leave it to Beaver Fan Club member on cheap, pleather balls.   The good news is that I paid less than $6 per ball (shipped), so it isn't like I broke the bank.

The balls are proudly displayed in my office next to my original Rubik's Cube and Taco Bell chihuahua plush.

Anyone else have Beaver Fever?

C'mon guys.  Keep the comments rated PG.  There might be kids reading this blog.

Happy Hump Day and sayonara!


  1. I have Bieber Fever.


  2. Hahaha I always tried avoiding it myself.... You can get it from drinking lake water in Northern Ontario!

  3. Watched the show all the time as a kid

  4. Leave it to Beaver trading cards were made in 1983 by the Pacific card company. A complete set has 60 cards.

  5. Yeah, I definitely watched Leave It To Beaver. I was usually disappointed when it was on because that usually meant that the Adam West Batman series wasn't on at that point. Both would follow Gilligan's Island, though.

  6. I grew up watching the reruns. Every time I watch it now (it's on ME TV), I'm amazed at the great lines. I especially like Ward's parenting philosophy. If there isn't, there should be a book of quotes called, "The World According to The Cleavers."

  7. aw gee, fuji, do i really have to tell you that i watched the show in re-runs? like hackenbush, i recall the wisdom of hugh beaumont as ward cleaver, and i have even incorporated some into my parenting repertoire.

  8. Leave It To Beaver is like The Andy Griffith Show in that I watched it here and there, but never really got into it that much... I guess neither one was quite my style. Now, Barbara Billingsley in the movie "Airplane", NOW we're talking. "Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don't want no help, chump don't get no help!"

  9. I watched it as a kid. I wish I could report that it was in syndication at that point, but no...it was first run. :`(

  10. I remember watching it on syndication. Eddie Haskell was my favorite.

  11. Keep it clean?? Geez, you started it! How many hits are you gonna get off that blog title?

  12. Love the Weebly page. That's really cool.